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Panda Cup 2008

Thought it was appropriate to end a soccer filled week with some soccer picture.

The Panda Cup was in town yesterday and we went to watch one of the games after Sara’s soccer games. Told Melissa to pay attention and get some pointers from those girls. They are pretty aggressive!!

Had a hard time deciding which pictures to post (Greg picked these) because I ended up with just over 50 keepers, so if anyone is interested in seeing the rest, let me know and I will e-mail you the link to the album.

Teams were DFW Tornados ’90 Girls  vs.  Sting Soccer Club Girls (Sting won 2-0)



The girls both had a game yesterday, too. Melissa’s team lost 8-0. They don’t keep score for Sara’s age group, but Sara scored at least two goals. I was there for the first one, and she got a “high five” from the ref! I had to leave after the first 15 min. to watch Melissa’s choir concert.