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2011/108: Clusterfluff

O.M.G. …. who needs chocolate when you can have Clusterfluff?!  To.die.for!

2010/029: Bonus – I Blame Scott!

That’s right! It’s all Scott‘s fault. He had to mention the white Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups in his comment to my original post today.
It’s one of those I need chocolate kind of days (but then again, that’s pretty much every day!) and I couldn’t get those white Reeses out of my head and had to go look for them. Couldn’t find the candy bar sized ones and had to but a whole bag of the miniature ones…. which is NOT good when you’re already skipping the gym (which I will blame on the laundry, and on Greg for leaving some paperwork at home, and asking me to bring to him at work).
BUT, most of the bag went straight into the kids’ candy bowl with all their Halloween chocolate, and most of what was left in the bag, I hid… hoping I will forget where I put it…. yeah… I’m not that forgetful. Yet.

Anyway… the white Reese’s Peanutbutter Cups are good, but not as good as the milk chocolate ones. I can eat them (I’m not THAT picky!), but I prefer the white chocolate KitKats.


2010/029: Giant Peanutbutter Cup

Couldn’t go all the way to Indiana without making a trip (or two) to Albanese Candy Factory!! One of the many delicious things we bought, were these giant peanut butter cups. They’re so big, they could almost be a whole meal (well, calorie-wise anyway 😉 )
When we were at the store, we sampled a few things, and Melissa was all sad because she really liked the gummy bears last summer, and she can’t have them since she got her braces. One of the sales people overheard us and said that their gummies are the only ones known not to stick to braces! I let Melissa have a sample, and sure enough, they didn’t stick! Of course we bought them a bag full and the kids were happy little campers. Sadly, though, they didn’t have the Figaros (small chocolate squares with a hazelnutty taste), that we bought last summer.

2009/205: More Kisses

Chocolate Meltaway Center and Peanut Butter Hershey’s Kisses. These were a little “souvenir” from our vacation (both delicious!), along with a bag of Yorks and a bag of Dark Chocolate Hershey’s Peanut Butter Cups.
I’m sure you can all guess where we went! 😉