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She’s getting quite good with my old iPhone 4s and olloclip

001 - May 01 2015


2014/146: I Don’t Know What They’ve Told You…

…but size matters!!


2012/264: Paparazzi

Caught this weirdo taking a picture of me… without my permission….and with a point-and-shoot!!! Thankfully Sara was able to get ahold of his camera and she deleted all the pictures of me. Weirdo was very disappointed! (Funniest thing that happened all vacation! 🙂 )

2012/112: Bluebonnet Hill (1)

2012/015: Getting The Shot

My little shooting partner, getting her own shots of the paperwhites.

2011/358: S’moretographer

Doesn’t get any cuter than this! 😉

2011/274: The Next B Family Photographer

She could quite possibly be following in her mom’s footsteps…. 😉

Can’t decide whether she’s supposed to be the model or the photographer!