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She’s getting quite good with my old iPhone 4s and olloclip

001 - May 01 2015

2014/146: I Don’t Know What They’ve Told You…

…but size matters!!


2012/264: Paparazzi

Caught this weirdo taking a picture of me… without my permission….and with a point-and-shoot!!! Thankfully Sara was able to get ahold of his camera and she deleted all the pictures of me. Weirdo was very disappointed! (Funniest thing that happened all vacation! 🙂 )

2012/112: Bluebonnet Hill (1)

2012/015: Getting The Shot

My little shooting partner, getting her own shots of the paperwhites.

2011/358: S’moretographer

Doesn’t get any cuter than this! 😉

2011/274: The Next B Family Photographer

She could quite possibly be following in her mom’s footsteps…. 😉

Can’t decide whether she’s supposed to be the model or the photographer!

2011/273: Mother-Daughter Fun (2)

My little photographer taking a picture of….

… a little daisy. (Cropped and edited by me)

She almost looks like she knows what she’s doing! 😉 She was playing with the focusing ring, trying to figure out what it does, since it didn’t make the lens move like the zoom ring.

 And then she got me! Not quite in the frame, but that’s what you call “creative cropping” right? 😉

Then she got a picture of me, taking a picure of….

…. the basketball hoop. (No, it would not have been funny if a basketball had come flying through it at that moment!)

2011/272: Mother-Daughter Fun (1)

At the Plano Balloon Festival a couple of weeks ago, Sara said that she wished she had a better camera than the little point & shoot. She was getting a little frustrated with it because everything was so far away, and when it got too dark, the pictures didn’t turn out well at all.
The following week-end, on a boring Sunday, I asked her if she wanted to go to her school and take some pictures with Melissa’s Nikon D70s (we didn’t tell her, and I just said I needed to borrow her camera. She didn’t want to go anyway).
So off to the school we went, for some FUN! Sara never even complained about the heat!
I switched the camera to Auto mode for her so she could just snap away without having to worry about constantly changing the settings, depending on which way she was facing, and it probably would have been a little too overwhelming for her to remember. And besides, this little outing was more about having fun, than learning something new.

First, I took a picture of her….

….. taking a picture of me

Then a fun little mother-daughter reflection portrait (hers turned out too blurry, unfortunately)

The shadow picture was her idea. While editing, I added the same texture to both.

2010/208: From The Archives – Shutterbug

I came across this collage when I went through my files, looking for something else.  These were taken in 2005, with my old point & shoot, and Sara was about 21 months old.

Click on the image for a larger view.

2010/111: Got The Shot?

Easter Sunday in Oklahoma. Melissa actually brought her camera AND she actually took pictures!! Unlike our Indiana trip back in December, when she brought the camera and never even took it out of the bag!

2009/219: Photographer

… in action!


2009/216: Vacation, Part 5

Friday, July 3, 2009 was probably the single most exhausting day of our whole trip. The day we went to New York City!
It all started out perfectly with a breakfast of fresh bagels and coffee at Dalia’s. After breakfast we headed to the nearby bus station and took the bus to the subway. One thing about the NYC subway: been there, done that, never want to do it again!!
First stop was Heaven B&H, where, unfortunately I didn’t get to buy a souvenir. Greg suggested an external hard drive, but what would I want that for? (don’t answer that!). The kids were happy to be there, because there were bowls of candy on every other shelf and they just kept helping themselves…. and I’m sure they were followed by employees who refilled the bowls again!

2009-216 a

I think Dalia attracts the rain, because it rained again that morning. Just a light rain that didn’t last very long, and then the weather played along for the rest of the day.
Leaving B&H we walked…. and walked… and walked… and walked some more, I don’t even know through which parts of NYC, until Greg finally had enough and put his foot down and insisted on taking a cab to wherever the Merrill Lynch Bull was. Never did see it, but that’s OK. From there we walked some more… to Ground Zero…

2009-216 b

2009-216 c

… then a memorial dedicated to the fallen police officers of New York City, where even the kids found some photo ops. Max and Sara were so cute, taking pictures of each other and then looking at them on the LCD.
2009-216 d

2009-216 e

… then to Battery Park where we stopped for a bite to eat, and look for souvenirs. The girls each picked a pink NYC hat.
2009-216 f

Then we took the subway to Times Square. WOW!! Pure craziness! I don’t think I’ve ever seen so many people in one place! We were probably lucky that we didn’t lose one or more of the kids!
Dalia had promised to take her kids to Toys R Us (formerly FAO Schwartz) and that’s where we went. This store is huge! Three stories I think? A paradise for kids of all ages, but it was so crowded, you would have thought it was Christmas Eve, five minutes before closing time!
2009-216 g

2009-216 h

The subway and bus ride.. and walk!… back to Dalia’s seemed endless and I think everyone was glad to be back. We went to dinner at Chili’s (nothing like a frozen Margarita after an exhausting day like that!) and then back to Dalia’s for a while.
We all got along so well, it was hard to say good-bye at the end of the evening. I’m so glad we finally got to meet, and the funny thing was that Dalia and I have the same cell phone…. with the same ringtone! And not only that, but we have the same dishwasher, too!

Again, here is what Dalia wrote about the day.

2009/207: Vacation, Part 1

Prepare yourself for lots of vacation posts! 😉

We left on June 25th, a day earlier than originally planned. Pulled away from the curb (since we don’t have a driveway) right at 3 pm and thanks to my speed demon (yes, that’s 90mph) we made it to Joplin, Missouri by about 9:30 pm. This was on the turnpike, where the speed limit is 75, but still!

2009-207 a

We got up early on June 26 and continued on our drive. Sitting in the car all day is pretty boring, and most of the time there isn’t much to take pictures of, unless of course the sunrise is as beautiful as this.

2009-207 b

Since we left a day early, we had time to stop at a couple of wineries on the way. First, St. James Winery in St. James, Missouri, and then Augusta Winery in Augusta, Missouri, near St. Louis.

2009-207 c

And, while in St. Louis, we had to stop at Ted Drewes Frozen Custard and get a little treat. (But even that didn’t make the kids cooperate any more than usual)

2009-207 d

We met up with the boys and Nikki for dinner and later in the evening, they all came to the hotel in Merrillville, Indiana, to hang out for a while. It was so nice to finally meet Nikki (she and Cameron got married last October). She’s a very sweet girl, and Sara just adores her!

On June 27th we all met up at the hotel and then headed to Deep River Waterpark and spent most of the day there. I left my camera safely hidden in the car, so there are no waterpark pictures to share. Everyone had a great time, though, but the next day Cameron was very sorry he didn’t put any sunscreen on, even though I tried to talk him into it several times. He ended up with a severe sunburn, especially on his back and shoulders. He was miserable! (Next time I will put my foot down and treat him like a 3-year-old and make him put sunblock on!)
Before we went to the waterpark, Sara and I went downstairs with our cameras to take pictures of the flowers while we waited for the “big kids” to get there.

2009-207 e

2009/123: More Bubbles

This is Melissa, trying to capture the bubble.


2009/106: She Found Her Thrill…

…On Bluebonnet Hill!
Now that I have that song (with slightly altered lyrics) stuck in my head, I thought I’d share so you all can get it stuck in your heads, too (you’re welcome!)

Melissa putting my old D70s to good use.



2009/103: Three On Bluebonnet Hill


That’s Amber on the left, me in the middle (silly me didn’t think to put the camera bag down!), and SkinnyMinnieMellie on the left.
Check out Amber’s and Melissa’s version of this pic!

2009/77: Like Mother, Like Daughter

A little bonus for today!
Melissa has been taking pictures with her cell phone since she got it last Christmas, and since she seemed so interested, I decided to take the D70s out of retirement and teach Melissa how to use it. I’m starting her off right: in manual mode.
She got her first little lesson yesterday, and then she went out into the back yard to take some pictures. Today we went to the park for more practice.
I gave her my old Quantaray 28-90mm lens because it has a macro switch (and I also have some fun filters that fit this lens, although she hasn’t tried them out yet), and she had fun, taking pictures of flowers.


2009/5: Say Cheese!

Sara taking pictures with Melissa’s cell phone.