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2014/158: Graduation Day

Where has the time gone? It seems like just yesterday she was this sweet little girl….it’s hard to believe she’s grown into this beautiful young woman, who will be off to college in just a few months to study creative writing and art.
I’m so proud of her for all her achievements throughout her school years. She is a member of the National Honor Society, the Spanish Honor Society, and she’s graduating in the top 10% of her class tonight (her class rank is #15 out of 363)

Happy Graduation Day, Melissa! I’m SO proud of you and wish you success in all you do

Then… (at age 20 months)
2014-158 1

And now… (at age 17)
2014-158 2


2014/114: Eleven

Can’t believe my youngest is turning 11 years old today! Where has the time gone??
Happy Birthday, sweet Sara ♥♥♥


2012/236: Sweet Sixteen

Happy Birthday to Melissa! ♥
(Even if she’s not happy about the camera in her face 😉 )

2012/115: Nine

Happy Birthday Sara JayeJaye ♥

2012/112: Bluebonnet Hill (1)

2012/091: Twenty-Three

Can’t believe my first baby is 23 years old today!
Happy Birthday, Cameron!

2011/362: Christmas Surprise

The girls each had one big gift under the tree this year. Melissa’s was a keyboard, which she knew about, because she was with us when we bought it, and Sara got a new camera. She had been using my old point & shoot, and she loved taking pictures with Melissa’s Nikon D70s a few months ago, so Santa thought a new camera was perfect for her this year.
Sara opened the new camera bag first, and I’m sure she was wondering what she needed a new camera bag for, when she already had one. Then she reached for the camera… tore the paper off, and at first she thought it was a box of puzzles. Then she realized what it really was….