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2010/287: Portrait Of A Self Portrait

Unfortunately she only took one, and it came out a little out of focus, and she decided not to share it on her blog.

2010/278: She’s Baaack!

Mellie is posting on her blog again, go check it out!
I  know she’ll appreciate some comments, too 🙂


I guess the real question shouldn’t have been “what would you do for a Klondike Bar?”, it should have been “what would you do with a Klondike Bar?” and my answer is bribe my children to let me take some portraits for Scott’s latest assignment.
Yup, that’s how I got these photos: bribery! (And not ashamed to admit it!) Both pictures were taken on my front porch on a sunny afternoon, but on different days.

As you can see, her personality just shines through!
The typical teenager,  just wanting to get this over with, because getting your picture taken is so NOT cool! And that look on her face? It means You did not just tell me to sit down on that dirty porch!!

The 7-year-old, who was watching TV, when I dragged her outside for a little photo shoot. Bored, and ready to go back inside and get back to watching TV. Are we done yet, mom?

2010/255: Family Portrait

2010/252: Summer Road Trip, Part 8 (cont.)

After the loong day at Mall of America, we went back to the hotel to rest up a little before getting together with our niece and her boyfriend again. We looked up the DDD diner we wanted to go to, and unfortunately they weren’t open for dinner… or were closed on Mondays, something like that. So, we had to scratch another diner off our list.
We ended up having dinner at Cossetta’s, an Italian Restaurant in St. Paul, and then we all went to our niece’s house. We sat by the fire, had a glass of wine or beer, and the kids played with the dogs again, and later on the Wii, getting addicted to Mario Cart. Another really nice evening with family.

2010/250: Summer Road Trip, Part 7

After spending the night in the worst hotel ever (America’s Best Value Inn – awful, but every other place we tried was already booked solid), we arrived in Minneapolis/St. Paul pretty early on Sunday, August 15th. Too early to check into the hotel. Again, we stopped at the Welcome Center and picked up some travel brochures. We decided to go to the Marjorie McNeely Conservatory. Admission was free (although they do ask for a small donation per person. I think it was $3 for adults and $2 for children, which was more than reasonable!) There is also a zoo and amusement park, but we didn’t go to either one.
Minneapolis is really nice, with lots to see and do… most of which we didn’t, and I definitely want to go back some day and spend more time there.

The girls taking pictures of a waterfall in the Japanese Garden

For lunch, we finally made it to a Diners, Drive-ins & Dives diner… well, I would classify this one as a dive! The Wienery. That place has certainly seen better days, but the food was good!

We had three more DDD places in the Minneapolis/St. Paul area on our list, but sadly didn’t make it to any of them.
One of our nieces and her boyfriend live in Minneapolis and we were supposed to get together with them on Monday, but while we were at the Conservatory, our niece called and invited us over for dinner that evening (scratch one diner from the list)
It turned out to be a really nice evening, with good food and lots of fun… and yummy dessert for the girls!

2010/243: Summer Road Trip, Part 2

We checked into the hotel in St. Robert, Missouri sometime in the afternoon of August 7th and waited for Nick to text and let us know that he was done with his class and free to spend some time with us. We didn’t have to wait long, and headed to Fort Leonard Wood, which was only minutes away from the hotel. Nick wasn’t allowed to leave the base, so we hung out there, went to dinner, and then hung out by our car in front of his barracks until it was time for him to go back.

On Sunday, August 8th, Nick was able to get another pass for the afternoon. We took some time to relax in the morning, and while we ate lunch, Nick texted me to let me know that he was done with whatever he had to do. A little earlier than expected, so that was nice 🙂
Off to the base we went (again, he wasn’t allowed to leave, but I did offer to smuggle him out, and then back in, in our trunk! He wouldn’t go for it, though). There’s not an awful lot to do on the base, and we sat on the bleachers of the parade field for a while and then went to the mini mall and PX, where it was much cooler, and then sat in the food court and enjoyed a treat from Baskin Robins.

Yup, it wasn’t very exciting, watching an empty parade field. Thank goodness for Nintendo DS! 😉

This was at the food court, where Greg let Sara play with his Blackberry. She had fun taking pictures of her big brother.

It was so nice to see Nick again, even if we only had a few hours, and of course the time went by much too fast. No telling when we will be able to see him again, all depends on where he will be sent next (he’s home at the moment).
Sara was so cute when we drove through the base each day, to Nick’s barracks. Fort Leonard Wood is pretty big, and it was at least a 5-minute drive after we went through the gate. Sara said “I know we must be close, because I see Army people”.

2010/235: Fourteen Candles

Today is a big day…. it’s Melissa’s 14th Birthday, and her first day in highschool!
Happy Birthday, Mellie!

We celebrated yesterday, since she wouldn’t really be able to enjoy it today. She picked out her own cake (Red Velvet… store bought, since it’s waay too hot to turn on the oven – yesterday it was 109 F!!) and she got lots of cash,  and an iTunes gift card. We are also getting her a new phone in the near future (with a keyboard, so we can hopefully decipher her text messages 😉 ) and we will be adding her to my wireless plan. Right now she has a TracFone and needs to use up her minutes before she can get the new phone.
I thought I would have some fun with her, and took a picture of my phone’s keyboard, and put the print into her birthday card. The look on her face when she pulled the picture out was priceless! She had no idea what it meant, and at first thought that she was getting a laptop. I think she’s excited about the new phone.
She already used some of her cash to buy Super Mario Kart for the Wii.

Not sure what she was thinking here… maybe wondering why all she was getting was a card, and no wrapped presents?

2010/222: Charlie

A special gift for one of the littlest members of the family.
Charlie was made with love at Build-a-Bear, with two hearts (Melissa and Sara both put one in) and stuffed by Sara.
I was a little disappointed in the store, though. We went to a bigger store that was supposed to have a bigger selection than the one at our local mall, but they really didn’t. It was a choice between this monkey, and a cute little dog, and the monkey won, because the t-shirt fit better. Then when it came time to stuff it, the store employee was going to stuff it herself and I had to stop her and ask if the kids could step on the pedal. Can you believe that?! Stuffing the animal yourself is part of the experience!! We won’t be back to that store. If there’s anything that our local Build-a-Bear doesn’t have in stock, I will order online and request it to be shipped un-stuffed (yes, you can do that), and then take it to the store to stuff it.

2010/218: Fun In The Car

This was on the way back home from the German Deli. I tried to get a picture of them, but of course they had to be goofballs (as usual!). Sara kept moving her hands in front of her face and away really fast, and Melissa.. well… I had to bribe her so she wouldn’t hide completely! (She needed a band-aid and I told her she couldn’t have one unless she let me take a picture of her)

She was laughing so hard, because she thought I wouldn’t be able to catch her without her hands in front of her face

2010/215: Catch Me If You Can

Couldn’t do it. But then again, she never really turned around where I could see her face.

This one was a little easier. I think she enjoyed it more, too 🙂

2010/214: Minus Fifty

Pounds, that is!
The jeans I’m wearing holding up are a size 14 and they fit perfectly less than a year and a half ago, and now I fit into a size 4 … unless I shop at Target, I can fit into a size 2, depending on the clothing brand.


And a little bonus for a few certain whiney 😉 friends of mine (you know who you are!).. a picture of me in the dress


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2010/166: Bonus – Lost

No!! I didn’t lose Sara, and Sara didn’t get lost, either… but, I lost the equivalent of her weight. A whopping 47.5 lbs! 🙂


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2010/130: Uncooperative

OK, mom, I’ll smile… but I won’t look at the camera!!