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What May I Serve You for Dinner Tonight?

These vegetable soups are reserved especially for Melissa. As punishment. Why, you wonder? Because she hates taking showers and will do anything and everything to avoid them. But, she knows mom and dad won’t let her get away with that, so she waits until 5:30 pm (which is dinner time in this house) to get in the shower… taking  f o r e v e r  to a) get into the shower, b) take a shower, and c) get dressed, hair brushed, etc. Which, of course leads to her not eating dinner with the rest of us and her dinner getting cold.

Sooo…. new rules for Miss I-don’t-wanna-take-a-shower: 1) No more having to be reminded to take a shower and 2) Don’t wait until it’s dinner time. You ignore one or both of these rules and you get vegetable soup for dinner.

I thought that she hated vegetable soup even more than showers, but out of the three cans that I bought, there is now only one can left. She only ate part of the other two cans, though. Sat at the dinner table until it was time to get ready for bed.