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2012/054: Trevor Finds Signs Of Spring

Someone call the fire department, it looks like he needs to be rescued! ūüėČ

2012-054 WM


2011/251: Drought

It’s pretty bad this year. Not only have we not had ANY significant rainfall, but we’ve had to deal with triple digit temperatures for most of the summer as well. Highs are still in the 90’s (above 30 degrees Celsius), and there’s still a chance that we’ll see triple digits again.The saddest part is that since December, wildfires here in Texas have¬†burned over 3.5 million acres (an area the size of Connecticut), and destroyed over 1000 homes.
So far, we have been lucky and there haven’t been any wildfires too close to us. but yesterday morning I could smell the smoke from the Austin and Houston area fires here in the Dallas area. The fires are still burning and only a small percentage is contained.

Brown, very dry leaves…. something you’d expect to see in the middle of winter

The grass is so dry, it crunches when you walk on it (and scratches up your arm and knee¬†when¬†try to get a “bug’s eye view” picture¬†– the sacrifices we make! ūüėČ )

2011/069: After A Spring Rain

We had a couple of quick rain showers on Tuesday afternoon, and when it was all over, the sun finally came out again, after too many cloudy dreary days. I grabbed my camera and headed out into our backyard. Good thing I did, because by Wednesday morning the wind had blown most of the plum blossoms off the trees.



Raindroplets on the grill cover

2010/086: Redbud

These pictures are from last year, but they’re in full bloom now… and it won’t be long until we see leaves.

2009/60: The Bees Are Back

Meant to get the bee in focus, but those darn things don’t hold still long enough. So I gave up and did it this way.


2009/52: Spring Has Sprung

Look what I found in my back yard! Soon, there will be plum blossoms, too.


6.5 Inches

That’s how much rain we got in less than 24 hours!!! The fist 5 inches fell in¬†about eight hours and the last inch and a half we got yesterday evening and over night.¬† Our yard pretty much turned into a small lake, and I think if we had gotten another half inch or so, we would have had a new address because we would have floated down the street!

Greg and I got to go outside in that downpour because we discovered two leaky windows.. the one here in the computer room and the one in Melissa’s room. We were only outside for about five minutes or so, trying to cover the windows with plastic. And not only did we get drenched, but it didn’t help at all and the windows were still leaking.¬† We were able to catch the drips from Melissa’s window in a cup, but we had to use towels in the computer room because the water was running down the window pane. Thankfully we got a break in the rain for a few hours in the evening, and during the night it wasn’t as heavy anymore, and we didn’t have to get up to change the towels.

Of course I took some pictures….

Our rain gauge. First picture was taken yesterday afternoon just before I emptied it out, and the second one this morning.


From yesterday afternoon… our flooding yard.


Redbud in the rain.


And one from this morning. I don’t have rubber boots, so¬†I dug out my beach flip-flops and went to stand in the lake. OMG that water was sooo¬†C-O-L-D!!!!!!! You can see how deep it is.


Blue skies and sunny today.

Let It Snow, Let It Snow, Let It Snow!

Who would have thought that Texas would get snow Рin March!!!  It snowed a little bit last night, and I was outside around 6:45 am to take some pictures before it all melts again. I fully expect it to be gone by Noon.

This was my front yard this morning, as the sun came up.


One of our redbud trees, snow already starting to melt


And again my front yard. Took this after we dropped Melissa off at school, it looked so pretty with the sun across the snow.


Spring Is In The Air

I had some time to myself on Saturday while Greg and the girls were at soccer practice, so I decided to see what I could find to take pictures of in my backyard. Lots of dead grass there, and this….

I think it’s a redbud tree? (Whoever named that tree must have been color blind)