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2014/138: Car Show

You know me…it’s all about the details 😉

2014-138 1

2014-138 2

Selfie….sort of.
2014-138 3

2014-138 4

2014-138 5

2014-138 6

2012/239: Lunch

Stopped at a restaurant by the lake in L’Anse to eat lunch, and couldn’t resist, taking a picture of the refelection 😉

2011/228: Cars Under The Stars – The Photographer

What did you expect? 😉
Even caught Melissa… Greg and Sara are there, too, but hiding.

2011/078: Laundry

I hate laundry. Hate it, hate it, hate it!! Ok, it’s not the putting a load in the washer or in the dryer part, but the folding part I could do without.
Melissa has been folding hers (although she needs a refresher course), Greg is hopeless, and Sara is just a little too young, but everyone puts their own clothes away. We have a sectioned hamper, and everyone knows where everything goes, so the laundry is already pre-sorted. It’s just that darn folding part.
I can’t remember how old my washer was, but sometime last summer I noticed white flakes on the clothes, thinking it was detergent that didn’t completely dissolve, and switched to liquid. Found out much later that it was a problem with the washer, and not the detergent at all.
Then a few months ago, the loads became unbalanced. It wasn’t anything I did wrong, it was the washer. It got worse and worse, and every once in a while, the water wouldn’t drain during the spin cycle. I tell you, it’s no fun, having to baby-sit your washing machine all day. Running in the to fix the unbalanced load, or opening the lid and closing it again at the start of the spin cycle. That seemed to fix the water draining problem, but there was still this burnt rubber smell if I didn’t make it in there fast enough.
Then finally with the tax refund and Greg’s bonus in the bank, we looked for a new washer (thankfully the old one hung in there just long enough!). It’s bigger than the old one, and a front-loader instead of top-loader, and it’s a high-efficiency model. Not only does it save energy and uses less water, but the clothes come our so dry, it saves about 20 minutes of drying time in the dryer! AND it plays a happy little song when it’s finished. I still don’t like doing laundry, but it isn’t quite as bad as it was before.

2011/033: Another Bonus – Winter Weather (2)

Some more pictures from our winter storm yesterday. I went outside three times, for about 5 minutes each, and that’s all it took for my fingers to get so cold that I couldn’t feel them anymore. Wouldn’t have been so bad out, if it wasn’t for the wind!

Icy plum tree

Frozen blackberry leaves

Frozemary (aka frozen rosemary)

Leaves of whatever plant that is with the red berries. See those “snowflakes” on that leaf in the bottom right corner? If only I had seen them earlier!  By the time I started editing the pictures (hours after taking them!) and went back outside to search for them, they had disappeared.

Frozen dandelion that I picked and placed on the porch railing

Half-buried leaf and dead grass

My (slightly warped) reflection in one of my car’s icy side windows. Note the lobster-red fingers that I couldn’t feel at that point and wouldn’t have known if they had snapped off from the cold 😉

2010/265: Reflection, Part 2

This is where I found yesterday’s reflection!

2010/264: Reflection, Part 1

Anyone want to guess where I found this reflection?
(Check back tomorrow for the answer. You can guess all you want, but I’m not giving anything away today 😉 )

2010/230: Reflection

2010/228: Behind The Camera

Right where I belong!

2010/138: Bonus: Birthday Lunch

I met with a friend for a very belated Birthday lunch today. I met Claudia at the gym sometime last fall, when I walked in shortly after her and someone at the front desk mentioned to me that she was from Germany, too. He also mentioned to Claudia that I was from Germany (well, close enough anyway) and we bumped into each other (not literally) a while later and introduced ourselves.
We ran into each other from time to time and chatted for a few minutes each time. When we found out that we’re the same age, AND our birthdays are only within about two weeks of each other (I’m the older one 😛 ), we decided to celebrate together when the weather was warmer. Unfortunately sick kids, vacations, bad weather, and busy schedules prevented us from meeting up… until today! And I have to say that we picked the perfect day, because it was just beautiful outside, and we did ask for a table outside.
We met at the restaurant at 11:30 am and didn’t leave until 2:10pm, when we had to go because it was time to pick up the kids. We probably could have sat there all day otherwise 🙂


2010/127: Reflection

2010/021: Me

Time for another self portrait, don’t you agree? 😉

2009/216: Vacation, Part 5

Friday, July 3, 2009 was probably the single most exhausting day of our whole trip. The day we went to New York City!
It all started out perfectly with a breakfast of fresh bagels and coffee at Dalia’s. After breakfast we headed to the nearby bus station and took the bus to the subway. One thing about the NYC subway: been there, done that, never want to do it again!!
First stop was Heaven B&H, where, unfortunately I didn’t get to buy a souvenir. Greg suggested an external hard drive, but what would I want that for? (don’t answer that!). The kids were happy to be there, because there were bowls of candy on every other shelf and they just kept helping themselves…. and I’m sure they were followed by employees who refilled the bowls again!

2009-216 a

I think Dalia attracts the rain, because it rained again that morning. Just a light rain that didn’t last very long, and then the weather played along for the rest of the day.
Leaving B&H we walked…. and walked… and walked… and walked some more, I don’t even know through which parts of NYC, until Greg finally had enough and put his foot down and insisted on taking a cab to wherever the Merrill Lynch Bull was. Never did see it, but that’s OK. From there we walked some more… to Ground Zero…

2009-216 b

2009-216 c

… then a memorial dedicated to the fallen police officers of New York City, where even the kids found some photo ops. Max and Sara were so cute, taking pictures of each other and then looking at them on the LCD.
2009-216 d

2009-216 e

… then to Battery Park where we stopped for a bite to eat, and look for souvenirs. The girls each picked a pink NYC hat.
2009-216 f

Then we took the subway to Times Square. WOW!! Pure craziness! I don’t think I’ve ever seen so many people in one place! We were probably lucky that we didn’t lose one or more of the kids!
Dalia had promised to take her kids to Toys R Us (formerly FAO Schwartz) and that’s where we went. This store is huge! Three stories I think? A paradise for kids of all ages, but it was so crowded, you would have thought it was Christmas Eve, five minutes before closing time!
2009-216 g

2009-216 h

The subway and bus ride.. and walk!… back to Dalia’s seemed endless and I think everyone was glad to be back. We went to dinner at Chili’s (nothing like a frozen Margarita after an exhausting day like that!) and then back to Dalia’s for a while.
We all got along so well, it was hard to say good-bye at the end of the evening. I’m so glad we finally got to meet, and the funny thing was that Dalia and I have the same cell phone…. with the same ringtone! And not only that, but we have the same dishwasher, too!

Again, here is what Dalia wrote about the day.

2009/213: Cars Under The Stars, Part 3

Loved the little add-on to the license plate!
2009-213 a

2009-213 b

2009-213 c

2009-213 d

2009-213 e

2009-197: Family Portrait

Notice how happy and excited everyone looks? And no, I don’t think it was because we had been walking around NYC all morning and half the afternoon before this was taken. See why I prefer flowers? 😉


2009/195: Roadtrip


2009/194: Who Did The Dishes?

Love it when it’s not me!!


2009/136: Reflection

My living room window, reflected in a dew drop hanging from the very top of a not-yet-unrolled banana leaf early one morning.


Ornament Reflection





There. Now no one can accuse me of never posting a pic of myself.

Rain, Rain, Go Away

Cold and wet today. They’ve been talking about “winter weather” on the news for days now, predicting ice, freezing rain and sleet. Of course all we’re getting is rain. At least it’s not ice… although I’m sure that would have made for some cool pictures 😉 Wouldn’t mind a little bit of snow, though.

If you stand on your head and look real close, you can see our sheds in the rain drop. 

(Disclaimer: Stand on your head at your own risk, as this may cause you to fall over and spill your beverage all over your desk, or put your foot through your monitor. All of which may result in you not being able to use your computer for a while.)