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2011/104: Would You Like Some Fries With That?

Can’t wait for dinner tonight! We’re going to Mooyah Burger (yum!) because they are donating 15% of the receipts dropped into the box to Melissa’s school’s Relay For Life team.

2010/246: Summer Road Trip, Part 5

Thursday, August 12 was another uneventful morning. LUNCH was another tradition…. Bakers Square! The food isn’t bad, as a matter of fact, what I had for lunch that day was really good! They have a big menu, with something for everyone… even picky kids like mine!
But, the food isn’t the real reason we went there, it’s the pies! They have so many different ones, that it’s almost impossible to choose! In the end, I decided on one of my favorites: Caramel Pecan Silk Supreme!

Stay tuned to find out what we did in the afternoon!

2010/213: Cheesecake Factory

Went to the Cheesecake Factory on Thursday just for dessert!
I had the Reese’s Peanut Butter Chocolate Cake Cheesecake. Yum!

2010/138: Bonus: Birthday Lunch

I met with a friend for a very belated Birthday lunch today. I met Claudia at the gym sometime last fall, when I walked in shortly after her and someone at the front desk mentioned to me that she was from Germany, too. He also mentioned to Claudia that I was from Germany (well, close enough anyway) and we bumped into each other (not literally) a while later and introduced ourselves.
We ran into each other from time to time and chatted for a few minutes each time. When we found out that we’re the same age, AND our birthdays are only within about two weeks of each other (I’m the older one 😛 ), we decided to celebrate together when the weather was warmer. Unfortunately sick kids, vacations, bad weather, and busy schedules prevented us from meeting up… until today! And I have to say that we picked the perfect day, because it was just beautiful outside, and we did ask for a table outside.
We met at the restaurant at 11:30 am and didn’t leave until 2:10pm, when we had to go because it was time to pick up the kids. We probably could have sat there all day otherwise 🙂


2009/214: Vacation, Part 4

Back to our vacation…. on Thursday, July 2, 2009 Dalia and kids met us at the hotel in the morning and we all piled into her car to head to Jersey City. We ate breakfast at Brownstone Diner, another Diner featured on Diners, Drive-ins & Dives. It was delicious, and the portions were HUGE!

2009-214 a

This was also the trip when Melissa discovered coffee!! But, I only let her have decaf.
2009-214 b

Then we made our way to the ferry to Ellis Island. It started raining on our way out of the diner, but thankfully it didn’t last long.

2009-214 c

2009-214 d

2009-214 e

After Ellis Island, we got on another Ferry to Liberty Island to see the Statue of Liberty.
2009-214 f

2009-214 g

Everyone was exhausted from all the walking… except of course Sara!
2009-214 h

I had to stop at the gift shop on the way back to the ferry to Jersey City, and we made it to the ferry only minutes before it started pouring!! The ferry ride didn’t last nearly long enough, and we all got soaked after we got off. We waited out the rain for a little while and the sun was back out when we walked to the car.
Dalia dropped us off at the hotel and then we met up at her house for pizza and another fun night of wine and conversation. Dalia and I had some macro fun in her garden, and I will have those pictures for you tomorrow.
In the meantime, here is Dalia’s side of the story. She made it sound a lot worse than it really was 😉

2009/209: Vacation, Part 3

Monday, June 29th was the day we met up with Amy and her boys at Chicago’s Brookfield Zoo. What a fun day it was, even if the rain clouds cut it short a bit (never did rain!!). Amy is SO nice and easy to get along with, and her boys are absolutely adorable. Thinking back now, we should have met at a park instead, so the kids would have had a chance to get to know each other. But there’s always next time.
Here is Amy’s post about our meet-up

2009-209 a

2009-209 b

2009-209 c

2009-209 d

2009-209 e

On Tuesday, June 30thwe left the Chicago area and made our way towards New Jersey. Sara was a little under the weather that day and had a fever. Maybe all the excitement of the last few days finally caught up with her. We stopped at Target after we checked out of the hotel that morning and picked up some Tylenol for her. Then made one more stop at the Albanese Candy Factory.
That day we stopped at our first DDD diner, the South Side Soda Shopin Goshen, Indiana, then spent the night somewhere in Ohio.

Wednesday, July 1st we made it to New Jersey!

2009-209 g

I had talked to Dalia several times as we got closer to NJ and that evening she and her kids met us at the hotel and we all went to dinner together at another DDD Diner, White Manna Hamburger. The food was good, and Greg is still talking about how great the hamburgers were.

2009-209 h

After dinner we went back to the hotel, and Dalia went home (with a couple of bottles of wine that we gave her to chill) to put her kids to bed, and then we went to her house for a while. We had a really good time, talking and drinking wine. I’m so glad I finally got to meet Dalia (and her family!) in person. I’ve known her for several (three?) years from a photography message board and we’ve become good friends. Her kids are so cute, and all five of them got along really well.

2009/50: First One

Last week, when I was out with Amber, taking pictures, we stopped at this quilting store here in town because I needed a camera strap cover for my D300. It seemed only fitting that I should take the first pictures with the new camera of the fabric I found. I loved the colors, and what could be more perfect than flowers, right? And, it’s girlie! Greg won’t come near the camera if it has a girlie camera strap cover on it. He has a business trip to NYC coming up in March and had the nerve to ask me if he could take the D300 with him to take pictures!! Um, NO! I offered him the D70s, but I need all my lenses and he would have to stop at B&H to get a lens ( 😉 ). He didn’t seem to like this idea very much, even though I told him I could give him a list to choose from.
Anyway… here’s my find! And not to worry, I bought myself some tulips for my Birthday yesterday, so stay tuned for pictures of them.


We also went out to dinner with friends yesterday, to one of my favorite restaurants.  Thanks Amber & family for spending part of my day with me, we really had a great time.