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2011/204: Sharing

Sharing her rocks with Auntie Sara

2011/203: Rock Collection

A certain little someone loves rocks, and has a whole collection at home. Here, she is picking the ones she wants to add to it 🙂

2010/201: Rock Painting

We had lots of rainy days during the second half of June, and since we couldn’t go to the pool, the kids painted the rocks they found during our California vacation two years ago.

These are Melissa’s… she’s really into Manga (some kind of Japanese comics) right now.

The rock on the bottom left is 2-sided

And here are Sara’s. She had a little help with the Manga one, Melissa drew it on with pencil and Sara painted it in.

Of course Sara had to make a 2-sided rock as well… and then gave it to me as a little present.

2009/301: Beach

Wish I was there…



I left found my heart in San Francisco…

This whole pile came from the same place, Baker Beach in San Francisco, right next to Golden Gate Bridge.  There are almost no seashells on this beach, but plenty of rocks. While walking along, I kept looking for a heart-shaped rock, and was lucky enough to find one…. and then I found part of the inside of a seashell that looked like a heart.