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2012/360: Merry Christmas

Wishing all my blogging friends a beautiful Christmas!


2012/359: Christmas Eve

Merry Christmas to all who (like us) celebrate tonight!

2012-359 1

2012-359 2

2011/358: Bonus – Santa Claus Is Coming To Town

Merry Christmas to all my family, friends, and readers who celebrate Christmas today!
We are off to The Olive Garden for dinner, to give Santa a chance to come to our house. I’m sure the girls can’t wait to find out if they’ve been on the naughty or nice list 😉

Photo taken with my iPad

2010/357: Santa

Santa better hurry up and get here, I can’t take the “I can’t wait until Christmas!!!!” anymore!

2010/353: Favorite Pair

These two might look familiar to some of my most loyal readers.

Stitched (1)

I have lots and lots of cross-stitched ornaments for our tree. This one is one of my favorites.


Santa And Snowman

Found these at Target this year and couldn’t resist! They were in a box of four (2 Santas and 2 snowmen)



Cute Pair


Counting Down

Michaels had these cute advent calendars this year, made out of wood, to paint yourself. They had Santas and snowmen, and I bought one of each and painted them for the girls. Unfortunately the snowman didn’t turn out that well (I made the mistake of painting the numbers with glitter glue) so you only get to see a picture of the Santa. Melissa liked the snowman anyway, so it’s hers, and Sara got the Santa. They love them, and the first thing they do in the morning, is open a little door. I put chocolate in most of hem, but a few have other little surprises, like a bell necklace, some quarters wrapped in tissue paper, tiny Christmas ornaments, or a crocheted finger puppet.


Santa Claus Is Coming To Town

We headed to the Bass Pro Shop on Sunday, for their holiday display, and to see Santa. While we stood in line, and the kids realized it was for Santa, they both said (insert whiny voices) “but I don’t wanna see Santa!” I told them that he’s handing out candy canes, and their faces lit up “I want a candy cane!” So I said “Sure, but you have to see Santa to get one!”  “Okay!!” and we waited for their turn.
The display wasn’t as big as the website made it out to be, but the girls had fun, and that’s all that counts.