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2011/348: Flu Season

Making a trip to the pediatrician for the third week in a row! Two weeks ago it was with Melissa (strep), last week it was with Sara (strep), and this week it was with Sara again! This time she hit the jackpot with strep and the flu! Poor girl. Not sure if the strep is still hanging around, or if she got it again. Thankfully we caught the flu early, and she wasn’t feeling too miserable yet. Just a little tummy trouble, very tired, and not much appetite. With any luck she’ll be back at school on Thursday.

Sara wanted me to bring the iPad so she could play while we waited for the doctor, so this photo was taken with my iPad (Instagram app).
There’s a TV on the wall in every exam room, and she was watching the movie, while trying to ignore the shutterbug in the room.

Still sick

Poor little Miss Sara has been sick since Saturday night. We spent almost 10 hours at the ER with her on New Year’s Eve because she was complaining about a belly ache (and was almost in tears because of it) and her pediatrician was booked solid.

She’s one tough cookie and never cried when they put in an IV or drew blood, but she was whining afterwards that the IV hurt. She was sooo tired, too, and at one point she said to me, almost crying “I wish this never happened to me”. My poor baby! Never did find out what was wrong with her. The dr. thought it might be appendicitis, but the bloodwork and chest x-ray all came back normal and ruled out any infection.

Yesterday she seemed a little better, but today she spent most of the time in my arms, wanting to snuggle. Got her to take a nap or two, and lay on the couch and watch TV for a little while so I could get some things done around the house. She always came to find me a few minutes later, though, wanting to snuggle some more.

She has a really bad cough and her poor little nose is all red and sore from all the wiping.

Here’s my little sweetie on the couch.