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2009/329: Poor Melissa

She had all four of her wisdom teeth pulled on Monday and will be getting braces in mid-December.¬† She was pretty miserable Monday afternoon and evening, and pretty out of it from the anesthesia… and frustrated because she was thirsty and couldn’t open her mouth very far, let alone swallow. But she managed to get a few sips of milk, and take her pain pills, and antibiotic. We made sure she took a pain pill every four hours and even woke her up in the middle of the night. They pretty much knocked her out… and made her dizzy and she needed help walking. The fact that she barely had anything to eat in more than 24 hours (except for a few bites of apple sauce) didn’t help matters either and left her feeling weak.
But, as Tuesday wore on, she started feeling a little better, even ate some soup and a slice of cheese. She was still in some pain, but Advil took care of that, and by evening she was back on the computer, IM’ing her friend Lexi. Her face is still pretty swollen and I’m sure she’s happy that there’s no school this week. The bright side about a swollen face is that mom isn’t mean enough to take pictures for the Christmas card! ūüėČ

Sara was very concerned about Melissa when she came home late Monday afternoon, and drew this picture. She would love nothing more than snuggle with sissy and make her feel better, but of course that only annoys Melissa. Although I’m sure that Melissa knows how much Sara loves her… she just doesn’t want to admit it.

(Art work by Sara)

Sisterly Love

Sort of.¬† These were taken at one of Sara’s recent soccer games. Melissa was supposed to cheer on the team, but there wasn’t exactly a lot of cheering going on, she was too busy playing with a little 1-year-old and pretty much ignoring the game. So when Sara scored a goal, I made Melissa go over to the other side of the field and tell Sara how proud she was of her (Sara got to sit out for a few minutes). Melissa was NOT thrilled, but she went anyway (because mom was blackmailing her with a school field trip to Six Flags).

OK, I’m going, but you’re NOT taking my picture!

Sara, good job, kicking that goal. I’m very proud of you –¬†said in a bored and I-don’t-mean-it tone of voice. Sara doesn’t care whether sissy means it or not and gives her a hug. Notice how Melissa is not hugging Sara back?

Sara, soo happy that she¬†kicked a goal and that¬†sissy came over to tell her how proud she is, won’t let her go and squeezes her as tight as she can. Melissa not liking it at all, and not even wanting to touch Sara, yells Ahh, Sara! Get off of me! Nope, not working. Sara is loving this even more.

Melissa realizes that she’s going to have to pry Sara off. Let GO!¬† Sara still keeps hanging on because she LOVES her sister! Melissa finally manages to get Sara to let go… probably because Sara was called back into the game. Ahh, sisterly love…