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2014/124: Sisters

If I didn’t know better, I’d say they’re getting along…..but I know better! ūüėČ
Although they are getting along better than they used to!

2014-124 1

2014-124 2

Sisterly Love

Sort of.¬† These were taken at one of Sara’s recent soccer games. Melissa was supposed to cheer on the team, but there wasn’t exactly a lot of cheering going on, she was too busy playing with a little 1-year-old and pretty much ignoring the game. So when Sara scored a goal, I made Melissa go over to the other side of the field and tell Sara how proud she was of her (Sara got to sit out for a few minutes). Melissa was NOT thrilled, but she went anyway (because mom was blackmailing her with a school field trip to Six Flags).

OK, I’m going, but you’re NOT taking my picture!

Sara, good job, kicking that goal. I’m very proud of you –¬†said in a bored and I-don’t-mean-it tone of voice. Sara doesn’t care whether sissy means it or not and gives her a hug. Notice how Melissa is not hugging Sara back?

Sara, soo happy that she¬†kicked a goal and that¬†sissy came over to tell her how proud she is, won’t let her go and squeezes her as tight as she can. Melissa not liking it at all, and not even wanting to touch Sara, yells Ahh, Sara! Get off of me! Nope, not working. Sara is loving this even more.

Melissa realizes that she’s going to have to pry Sara off. Let GO!¬† Sara still keeps hanging on because she LOVES her sister! Melissa finally manages to get Sara to let go… probably because Sara was called back into the game. Ahh, sisterly love…


The girls had another severe outbreak of PCS (Photographer’s Child Syndrome) and how funny that I found this cartoon in one of Melissa’s Calvin & Hobbes books, that she got that very same day this picture was taken. The parents are looking at pictures of Calvin, making all kinds of silly faces. Dad says “That’s our son. Sighhh” and mom says “These pictures will remind us of more than we want to remember”


Almost Soccer Season

We signed both girls up for soccer this spring and although the season doesn’t officially start until the first week-end in March (I think?), practice starts a little early. Greg got an e-mail from Melissa’s coach yesterday, saying that the first practice will be tomorrow afternoon.

Melissa has played soccer before, but took about a year off because of school. It was difficult for her to keep up with soccer and the extra homework she was getting in GT. She didn’t want to be in the GT program anymore,¬†so we took her out for this school year and she’s doing much better with her homework.¬† I’ve lost track, but I think this will be Melissa’s 5th season, playing soccer.

For Sara, this will be her first time playing soccer. She’s been wanting to play since the very first season that Melissa was signed up, but our local soccer association has some age rules and she didn’t qualify until this spring. She’s so excited!! She was assigned to a team, but so far no one has volunteered to coach.¬† Greg said he’ll wait and see, and if no one steps up, he’s going to coach.


Got Milk?

A quick glass of banana milk before bed…


Playing nice

Sometimes my two little monsters actually DO get along! Even if it only lasts for a little while and then they’re back to fighting.