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2014/050: Let It Snow

Can you believe we actually got some snow here in TX this winter? It was just a tiny bit, but snow is snow, so I added a 21mm extension tube to my 60mm macro lens, and outside I went to capture some snowflakes.

2014-050  1

2014-050 2

2014-050 3

2014-050 4

2014-050 5

2014-050 6

2014-050 7

2014-050 8

2014-050 9


2011/352: Glowflakes

No worries, these aren’t “blurry” because I had too much eggnogg, they’re pictures of a votive candle holder, that’s made of thick, frosted glass.

2011/349: Plan B

This is the Holiday card that I would have sent out, if the torture photo session with the girls didn’t work out, but thankfully, the weather played along.
The first two stacks of cards went out on Monday, and the last stack went out yesterday, so they should (hopefully) start arriving soon.

2011/347: Dreaming Of A White Christmas

With temperatures well above freezing, I guess I can keep dreaming….unless I sprinkle enough of these!

2011/340: Bonus – It Snowed!!!

It was just a few flakes, but it was still SNOW!
(There was snow on the ground the day we got married, too. A bit more than this!)

Photographed with my iPad

2011/041: Snowflakes

2010/052: Snowflakes (2)

2010/051: Snowflakes (1)

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