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2010/049: Bonus: Texas Snowday, Part 3

The squirrels seemed to enjoy the snow, too!

2010/049: Bonus: Texas Snowday, Part 2

This is what I really wanted for my Birthday, and I got it… even if it was a week early.
(Meant to post this yesterday, and didn’t have the time, so stay tuned for another bonus later 🙂 )

2010/046: Bonus – Texas Snowday, Part 1

Thursday, February 11, 2010 – afternoon

2010/013: Indiana Snow, Part 3

2010/010: Indiana Snow, Part 1

Day after Christmas 2009. We finally made it to our first destination (the Burger King in the town where Cameron & Nikki live) at 7pm, just in time for dinner! We sat and talked for a while and then headed about 30 more minutes further north, to our hotel. Took our luggage to our room and then went outside to play in the snow. It was cold outside, and the snow was powdery, but it was FUN! Sara had to make a snow angel, too.

2010/009: Vacation Day 2

Saw some pretty neat “ice falls” through Missouri and I was lucky to capture one, now that we were travelling at much faster speeds than the day before!

Then through Illinois and Indiana it started to snow 🙂

2009/337: Snow!!!

That’s right, it snowed yesterday! It started as rain Tuesday evening, rained all night, and still rained Wednesday morning. Then I get a text message from Greg, saying that it was snowing where he was. It was still raining here at home, but just a few minutes later, you could see more and more snow mixed in with the rain. Of course it didn’t stick… at least not for more than three minutes, but I’m happy that we got to see snow!! According to the weather guy on TV, there will be another chance of snow on Friday (fingers crossed!).
And in case anyone doesn’t believe that it could possibly snow in Texas, on December 2nd, here are the pictures to prove it!