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2009/336: Trophy

Soccer season #5 came to an end a few weeks ago. On to basketball. First practice is tomorrow evening.

2009/309: Guard

Her age group doesn’t have goalies, but she’s really good at kicking that ball out in the last second and keeping the other teams from scoring.




2009/273: Soccer

The fall season is in full swing! We had our third game this past Monday…. after two games having to be rescheduled because of rain (extending the season one week). Hopefully there won’t be any more rain-outs now.


2009/248: Soccer With The Guys

These were taken during Nick’s visit last month (he was here for about two weeks). He got to see Sara in action at her last indoor game of the season, and then they got to play one evening at a local school and they all had a great time! (Amber, this should look familiar! 😉 )

2009-248 01

2009-248 02

2009-248 03

2009-248 04

2009-248 05

2009/164: Indoor Soccer

The spring soccer season ended on May 30,  and Greg signed Sara up for indoor soccer over the summer…. then we have the outdoor fall season starting in September.
June 6th was the first indoor game, and Sara loved it (she even scored a goal)! She said she likes it better than playing outside. I have to say, though, indoor soccer is a LOT more running, and they get just as sweaty and hot as playing outside.
This is a new team, the Little Coyotes, although one of her Kitty Katsteam mates is on this team with her.


I will probably be leaving the camera at home for the other games. The lighting was terrible, and I had the ISO up as high as it would go, and a lot of times still couldn’t get fast enough shutter speed to avoid motion blur. Having to shoot through  plexi didn’t help much either, as you can see by the reflections.

2009/139: Bonus – 3 Out Of 5

We had a soccer game yesterday evening and Sara did GREAT!!! She scored five goals! Four of them in the first quarter and the fith in the second quarter…. and almost scored at least two or three more throughout the game.
I was able to capture three out of the five goals.
She fell, too, and hurt her pinky finger, but my tough cookie got right back up and kept playing.

2009-139 Goal-1

2009-139 Goal-2

2009-139 Goal-3

2009/95: Hurt

Poor Sara got hit in the belly with the soccer ball during the game yesterday, and got the wind knocked out of her. She’s one tough girl, though, and it looked like she was going to keep playing, but then she went to sit out for a few minutes after all. but she never cried…… and then got right back into the game.
Here’s coach daddy making it all better.


2009/67: She’s Back!

Yesterday was the first game of the spring soccer season and she had a blast! Wish you all could have been there to see her play!
All pics were taken with my new 18-200mm lens 🙂





2009/53: From The Archives

Spring soccer season is about to start and today is the first day of practice. Sara is so excited to be playing soccer again and I thought I would dig up a picture from the archives… from way back when she was still only dreaming to play soccer one day.
This was taken on September 17, 2005 when Sara was about 2 1/2 years old.  Melissa was 9 years old at the time and this was her second season, playing soccer. 
This year, Sara is starting her third season, and her team’s uniform looks just like Melissa’s, except that it is purple. Sara is no longer #12 this season, but #99.

I posted some videos of her last year, from when she found her love for soccer.


Rough Play

One last soccer pic until spring… I forgot I had this one. Are 5-year-olds supposed to be playing like that??


Take The Shot

One last soccer picture from the fall 2008 season…


Eye On The Ball

First Goal

Monday evening was the second game of the fall season, and Sara scored her first goal this season!

She’s Baaack!

Fall soccer season officially started yesterday.

My Other Soccer Star

Her season is over… the last game was May 10th, and even though her team lost 8 out of 10 games, she had fun anyway.

She won’t be able to sign up for soccer in the fall because she chose to do athletics at school next year, but she’s going to try out for the school’s soccer team.

Sara Spin

Are you tired of soccer pictures yet? If so, then don’t worry… the season ends in two weeks and you won’t see soccer pictures until the fall season.

If Sara ever becomes a pro soccer player, this is the move she’ll be known for. The Sara Spin.

The opposing team has the ball. Sara runs as fast as she can…. right past the player with the ball, then spins around to get in front of the ball and try to kick it away.

I was lucky enough to capture this little move at last Saturday’s game. Also finally remembered to bring the old p&s to take some videos and hope to have one up later today.


This was at Saturday’s game. Kitty Kats vs. Sassy Cats. The Kitty Kats played so well that day and we’re so proud of them! Little A. no longer seemed afraid of getting knocked down by the other team and actually ran up to the ball several times and kicked it! C. didn’t cry or throw a fit when it was her turn to play, and actually wanted to play! L. did really well staying on the field and not running over to mom to give her a hug! She did a few times, but went right back to play. And U., although getting there late, kicked the ball towards the correct goal! And then there’s Sara. She kinda backed off the game or two before this one, but Saturday she was back to her old self again and got right in there to get the ball away from the other team. And, best of all, I was finally able to capture a good series of pictures of her scoring a goal! I think she scored 3 or 4 at this game. Go Kitty Kats!!

Panda Cup 2008

Thought it was appropriate to end a soccer filled week with some soccer picture.

The Panda Cup was in town yesterday and we went to watch one of the games after Sara’s soccer games. Told Melissa to pay attention and get some pointers from those girls. They are pretty aggressive!!

Had a hard time deciding which pictures to post (Greg picked these) because I ended up with just over 50 keepers, so if anyone is interested in seeing the rest, let me know and I will e-mail you the link to the album.

Teams were DFW Tornados ’90 Girls  vs.  Sting Soccer Club Girls (Sting won 2-0)



The girls both had a game yesterday, too. Melissa’s team lost 8-0. They don’t keep score for Sara’s age group, but Sara scored at least two goals. I was there for the first one, and she got a “high five” from the ref! I had to leave after the first 15 min. to watch Melissa’s choir concert.

Soccer Mom

And this is a soccer week!

Monday: 6:15pm Sara’s game

Tuesday: 6:15pm-7:30pm Melissa practice (I sent Greg with both kids)

Wednesday: 5:30pm-6:30pm Sara practice

Thursday: 6:15pm-7:30pm Melissa practice

Saturday: 8:30am Melissa’s game, and 12:30pm Sara’s game (Sara’s might get rescheduled)


Star Player

Sara had her second soccer game of the season yesterday and she did so well! At first we only had two players and the other team let us borrow one of their girls so we didn’t have to forfeit the game, but then one other girl showed up.  It was so funny to watch them play. One girl didn’t want to get on the field at all to play and had to be forced out there… the other girl kept running off the field because she was hungry and wanted a snack, or she stuck her finger in her mouth and then held it up to see where the wind was coming from… and Sara played her little heart out.

I’m glad they don’t keep score for her age group, but if they did, it would have been something like 583-2 for the other team! I’m proud to say that Sara scored both goals for her team!! After the game, the other team’s coach and one of the other team’s parents came up to her to tell her how well she played.


First Games

Melissa and Sara both had their first soccer games of the season yesterday, and both were at 8:30 am! Good thing there’s only one place in town, where the soccer association schedules all the games.

I stayed with Sara while Greg went with Melissa, and we switched off about half way through Sara’s game. The little ones don’t play as long as the big kids. Of course I took tons of pictures… in between laughing and cheering. It was sooo funny to watch them. None of the girls on Sara’s team had ever played before (we found out that it was the 3rd season for the other team, so they were a full year ahead, and you could really tell). Our team… they would just run around the field, chasing the ball… run off the field to give mom/dad/grandparents a hug… stop and chat, and admire leaves.  They got a little confused about switching goals, so they scored for the other team a few times, but no one was keeping score anyway. They were sooo adorable, and I can’t wait for the next game. They had a blast, too. And Sara scored two goals!!!

About half way through the game, Greg came over and told me that Melissa got hurt. She took a ball to the face and had a bloody nose and split lip!!! I didn’t know if I should believe him… wouldn’t put it past him to tell me that just to freak me out, but he insisted it was true. I ran over there as fast as I could, and had to run around half the field (goodness, that field was huge!! Not “regulation” size, but still!) because the coach & team have to be on one side, and the parents on the other, to avoid arguments between parents and coaches. The parents are not allowed on the coach side of the field, although I’m not sure how strictly they enforce that. Either way, I didn’t care. They can’t tell me that I can’t check up on my child if she gets hurt (and no one said anything). I gave her a hug and made sure she was OK. She skinned her elbow, too, somehow, but she was fine and ready to get back into the game. So off I went to the parents’ side of the field, and took some pictures with the big lens. The kit lens just doesn’t cut in on that size field. Greg and Sara came over after Sara’s game ended. Not sure what the score was, but I think Melissa’s team lost 5:0.


Soccer Practice

A great time to catch up on my reading!  I have this big stack of magazines on my night stand – unread! So I took along a few of them when we went to Melissa’s soccer practice on Sunday. This was the July 2007 issue!


Almost Soccer Season

We signed both girls up for soccer this spring and although the season doesn’t officially start until the first week-end in March (I think?), practice starts a little early. Greg got an e-mail from Melissa’s coach yesterday, saying that the first practice will be tomorrow afternoon.

Melissa has played soccer before, but took about a year off because of school. It was difficult for her to keep up with soccer and the extra homework she was getting in GT. She didn’t want to be in the GT program anymore, so we took her out for this school year and she’s doing much better with her homework.  I’ve lost track, but I think this will be Melissa’s 5th season, playing soccer.

For Sara, this will be her first time playing soccer. She’s been wanting to play since the very first season that Melissa was signed up, but our local soccer association has some age rules and she didn’t qualify until this spring. She’s so excited!! She was assigned to a team, but so far no one has volunteered to coach.  Greg said he’ll wait and see, and if no one steps up, he’s going to coach.