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2014/071: Chili-Chocoholic

I love chocolate. The only thing better than chocolate is chili chocolate! I’ve tried several brands, and some are better than others, and I’ve discovered that the cheaper brands are often better than the more expensive ones. I’ve tried a $7 bar of chili chocolate once, and even though it tasted very nice, the chocolate wasn’t very smooth and I won’t ever buy it again, even if I win the lottery 😉
These are the most recent brands I tasted (some more than once!) and the Sprouts ($1.99) store brand is by far my favorite. It definitely has a nice kick to it, but it’s not too spicy at all.

2014-071 2

Next is the Lindt (around $2.49) brand, which got me hooked on chili chocolate after a friend mentioned to me that it tasted really nice. Who am I to say no to chocolate, so off I went to search for it…..and found it! You can taste the chili, but it doesn’t have the same kick as the Sprouts brand.
2014-071 1

Then same friend as above virtually waved a Moser Roth brand bar of chili chocolate in my face, and that’s just cruel (don’t you agree? You just don’t do that to a chocoholic!!). I discovered that Aldi sells this brand ($1.99) and off I went to get a bar. Although it’s very nice chocolate, I couldn’t really taste the chili in it. It just tasted like dark chocolate.
2014-071 3

The kids refuse to even try the chili chocolate, which is fine, because there will be more for ME! 🙂

More Sprouts

Of course I took pictures of the forget-me-nots, too! These took a few days longer to sprout than the daisies.



My friend Heike sent me some daisy and forget-me-not seeds a few weeks back and I finally got around to planting them in the terra cotta pots that I painted. Some of you may have seen the pictures on my flickr.

These are the daisies. They took less than a week to pop up.