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2009/299: Bonus (Saturday’s Moon Shot)

It seems that I fooled you all!!
The picture I posted on Saturday wasn’t the moon at all, but the sun! I took the picture somewhere in Houston, on our way back to Dallas. It was cloudy/foggy, and the way the clouds/fog were covering the sun helped make it look like the moon. That, and underexposing.
Settings for Saturday’s photo were ISO 200, f-8, 1/4000s.

Here is another one from that day. I like the way the sky turned out, but the brightness of the sun probably wouldn’t have fooled anyone into thinking this was the moon. Settings for this one were ISO 200, f-11, 1/8000s.

2009-299 Bonus



2009/85: After The Rain

We got more rain yesterday afternoon, but right around sunset the sun came out again. It looked so pretty, I had to go outside and take some pictures.