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2014/017: Christmas Eve Sunset

Pensacola Beach is ideal for sunrise AND sunset shots! 

View from our room…time to head down to the beach…
2014-017 a

2014-017 b

2014-017 c

Margaritaville Beach Hotel at sunset
2014-017 d

2014-017 e

2014-017 f

2014-017 g

2014-017 h

2014-017 i

2014/014: Christmas In Florida

During our summer vacation in Florida, we decided that we would come back when the kids were off for winter break. One was excited, the other one….not so much (but she had to come with us anyway ūüėČ )
We decided on Pensacola Beach, even though it wouldn’t be warm enough to swim. It was COLD and WINDY, with temperatures in the low 30’s in the morning, and probably around 50 in the afternoon, but it was still beautiful, and the cold certainly didn’t stop us from venturing out for walks on the beach. Sara often came with me very early in the morning, to take pictures of the sunrise, and look for seashells. Melissa on the other hand didn’t go out unless we didn’t leave her any other choice (that’s teenagers for ya ūüėČ )

These photos were all from our first day (Dec.23)

Holiday Inn Express, Pensacola Beach. As you can see, the hotel is right on the beach, and best of all, ALL their rooms have a Gulf front view!
2014-014  a

The view from our room
2014-014 b

Of course we didn’t waste any time to get down to the beach!
2014-014 c

2014-014 d

2014-014 e

Just a hint of sunset colors
2014-014 f

2012/100: Sunset After The Storms

Many of you may have heard about the tornado outbreak here in the Dallas/Fort Worth area on Tuesday, April 3, 2012 (16 tornadoes were confirmed by the National Weather Service).
After a scary afternoon, this is how the day ended…

A very special thank you to Brian, Doreen and Dalia, for checking in during the afternoon and keeping me company. Your friendship means a lot ♥

2011/184: View From My Window

2011/144: Sunset

2011/090: The Sky’s The Limit

Happy 22nd Birthday to Cameron. You make me proud ‚ô•

2011/030: The One That Got Away

… and the reason why I’m going to make more of an effort to have my camera with me more often.
This gorgeous sunset happened just a few days before the one I did capture, and posted pictures of in the last few days.  The only camera I had, was my cell phone, and that alone was lucky, because a lot of times I leave it at home. I quickly turned the camera on and was able to take a few pictures, but they come nowhere close to doing it justice. I sent them to my e-mail address, but they looked even worse on the computer than on the phone screen.

2011/029: January Sunset (3)

Last ones from this past Monday evening

2011/028: January Sunset (2)

More from this past Monday evening

2011/027: January Sunset (1)

This past Monday evening, on the way to the grocery store.
Other than crop and resize, this is straight from the camera.

2011/024: 5:06 PM

An oldie from November 26, 2008

2010/262: Minneapolis Sunset

Taken from the car, on our way back to the hotel. So glad I decided to keep the camera with me, and didn’t put it into the camera bag in the back.

2009/207: Vacation, Part 1

Prepare yourself for lots of vacation posts! ūüėČ

We left on June 25th, a day earlier than originally planned. Pulled away from the curb (since we don’t have a driveway) right at 3 pm and thanks to my speed demon (yes, that’s 90mph) we made it to Joplin, Missouri by about 9:30 pm. This was on the turnpike, where the speed limit is 75, but still!

2009-207 a

We got up early on June 26 and continued on our drive. Sitting in the car all day is pretty boring, and most of the time there isn’t much to take pictures of, unless of course the sunrise is as beautiful as this.

2009-207 b

Since we left a day early, we had time to stop at a couple of wineries on the way. First, St. James Winery in St. James, Missouri, and then Augusta Winery in Augusta, Missouri, near St. Louis.

2009-207 c

And, while in St. Louis, we had to stop at¬†Ted Drewes Frozen Custard and get a little treat. (But even that didn’t make the kids cooperate any more than usual)

2009-207 d

We met up with the boys and Nikki for dinner and later in the evening, they all came to the hotel in Merrillville, Indiana, to hang out for a while. It was so nice to finally meet Nikki (she and Cameron got married last October). She’s a very sweet girl, and Sara just adores her!

On June 27th we all met up at the hotel and then headed to Deep River Waterpark¬†and spent most of the day there. I left my camera safely hidden in the car, so there are no waterpark pictures to share. Everyone had a great time, though, but the next day¬†Cameron was very sorry he didn’t put any sunscreen on, even though I tried to talk him into it several times. He ended up with a severe sunburn, especially on his back and shoulders. He was miserable! (Next time I will put my foot down and treat him like a 3-year-old and make him put sunblock on!)
Before we went to the waterpark, Sara and I went downstairs with our cameras to take pictures of the flowers while we waited for the “big kids” to get there.

2009-207 e

2009/173: Sunset

This was on June 12, just after 8pm. It was the strangest light…. it was getting dark, but it was still bright at the same time, and everything had this strange orange glow.

2009-173 Sunset 01

2009-173 Sunset 02

2009-173 Sunset 03

Country Sunset


Waiting For The Show

And what a show it was. Wow! We went to watch more fireworks last night. They were at our local mall and so much better than our town’s fireworks the night before! We literally had a front row seat and a lot of the fireworks were so high, it seemed they were directly above our heads. So cool!!

These were HARD to photograph!! I had to adjust the camera on the tripod for the lower and higher ones, and because they set off so many more¬†at the same time than our town did, I had to adjust the shutter speed, too. Even so, none of the “grand finale” pictures turned out because they were too overexposed. Now that was a grand finale!!

I’m going to add some more pictures¬†to my flickr, along with a link to the rest of the show for my friends & family¬†flickr contacts.


Looking In

We had a¬†beautiful sunset yesterday, and I decided to go outside to take some pictures. I thought the reflection looked really neat in our living room window. And yes, that’s the Superbowl on TV. The second picture shows a real view of the sunset.¬†035-outsidein.jpg



Crepe Myrtle at sunset.