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2012/167: Tea Time

2011/353: Advent Calendar

“Oh Christmas Tree Tea, oh Christmas Tree Tea…”
My best friend sent me a little surprise recently…. this tea advent calendar. She had sent one a few years ago and I really loved the idea. It’s fun to drink a different type of tea every day, while counting down to Christmas.
Today’s tea was “sweet chili tea”. Delicious! Definitely one of my favorites.

2010/098: Celestial Seasonings

A dress made entirely of tea bags, along with a matching purse, hat, and shoes.

2009/353: O Christmas Tea

For all my tea drinking friends and family, if you can find this tea in your local stores, you have to try it!! It’s SO good!
(And if you’re in the over-21-crowd, it’s even better with DeKuyper Buttershots! 😉 )

Advent Calendar

My friend Heike sent me a Christmas countdown, all the way from Germany. It’s a box with 24 different teas, one for each day until Christmas. Can’t wait to try them all!

On the day that the package arrived (but before it arrived), I saw this mug at a Hallmark store. Had to go back the next day to buy it, because it was so perfect for this.


Mug Series – part 5

Next in my collection…. this was a gift from my best friend many years ago and it’s my tea mug. She always sends teas from Germany, too. Sometimes a whole box for Christmas or my birthday, and sometimes she puts a bag or two in with a letter or card. 

The tea here is my all-time favorite, it’s Jasmine-Cherry flavored.

This mug always reminds me of the very first sentence that Sara said. She was really little at the time, maybe about 18 months old? I was drinking a cup of tea, and when it was empty, Sara looked at the angel on the inside, and said “lookatthebaby”!


Mug Series – part 4

Yesterday, a letter arrived from my best friend, and she sent a teabag of her favorite tea. The perfect reason for another “mug shot”.


Mug Series – part 1

Nothing like a glass of hot apple cider on a chilly day.