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2011/282: Cracked

Hole in the ground, cause by the drought. This is at Sara’s school, right next to the playground! I hope the teachers do a good job supervising the kids, and keeping them away from the gates of hell cracks in the ground so no one gets hurt. If Sara stood in it, it would be about knee-deep, and if it gets any worse, the city could turn the elementary school into a  visitor center and charge admission to see the Texas Grand Canyon! 😉

2011/251: Drought

It’s pretty bad this year. Not only have we not had ANY significant rainfall, but we’ve had to deal with triple digit temperatures for most of the summer as well. Highs are still in the 90’s (above 30 degrees Celsius), and there’s still a chance that we’ll see triple digits again.The saddest part is that since December, wildfires here in Texas have burned over 3.5 million acres (an area the size of Connecticut), and destroyed over 1000 homes.
So far, we have been lucky and there haven’t been any wildfires too close to us. but yesterday morning I could smell the smoke from the Austin and Houston area fires here in the Dallas area. The fires are still burning and only a small percentage is contained.

Brown, very dry leaves…. something you’d expect to see in the middle of winter

The grass is so dry, it crunches when you walk on it (and scratches up your arm and knee when try to get a “bug’s eye view” picture – the sacrifices we make! 😉 )