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Things I Love – part 9

Bath & Body Works.

Had to hit their sale yesterday… what great deals!! Their big shower gels were only $3 each, and I got a small one Rainkissed Leaves for $1! I think the small one is a new scent – or very popular – because I didn’t see any big bottles. Pictured are Enchanted Orchid, Dancing Waters, and Exotic Coconut.

Things I Love – part 7



Things I Love – part 6

Eiswein (aka. ice wine).  My favorite wine ever… too bad it only comes in the small bottles and isn’t all that cheap, either.


Things I Love – part 5

♥ ♥ ♥ Hearts ♥ ♥ ♥


Things I Love – part 3

Yankee Candles!!

Butter Cream ~ Cherry Lemonade ~ Coconut Bay ~ Vanilla Lime ~ Vanilla Caramel ~ White Chocolate Mint ~ Peanut Butter Cookie ~ Chocolate Chip Cookie ~ Chardonnay ~ Gingerbread Maple …… just to name a few favorites.


Things I Love – part 1