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2010/073: The Fascination With Littlest Petshops

Checking my stats page, my Littlest Petshops post from January 28, 2008 has gotten the most views – by far!  615 views, as of March 11,2010. The next highest post has only gotten 114 views.

I have to admit, some of these little critters are pretty cute!

Get Off The Road…

… the dinosaurs are coming!!!

I walked into Sara’s room the other day and saw that she had all her dinosaurs lined up on her race track.


Invasion of the Littlest Petshops

They’re all over the house!!  Melissa and Sara are both crazy about them and so far they have 70 of these little critters….. and counting!!

At least they’re not as ugly as My Little Ponys.