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2011/100: Bonus – The Official wwwp5k

What: Worldwide WordPress 5k
When: Sunday, April 10, 2011
Time: Long before the crack of dawn
Where: A 24-Hour Fitness somewhere north of Dallas, TX

What a week this has been! I found out Monday morning that WordPress was organizing a worldwide 5k, and wanted their bloggers to participate. The official day for this is today, but you could walk/run any day this week. I thought this would be fun, and got my start on Monday, walking an extra mile, and having the (slightly out of focus and shaky) pictures to prove it.

Tuesday I took it a step further and walked 5 miles instead of 5 kilometers, and I challenged my couch potato readers to get off the couch and walk just one mile any day this week. In turn I would walk a 10k one day this week, and dedicate that second 5k to the couch potatoes Only ONE of my readers said that she would take me up on the challenge, hopefully she was able to do it 🙂

Wednesday was the day for my 5k times two, and again, I had the cell phone pictures to prove it.

On Thursday I went to the gym armed with my favorite magazine to help make those miles go by faster. One of the nice things about walking on a treadmill, you can prop up a magazine or book and read while you walk. I would not try this outdoors on a track, jogging track, etc.! I stopped my walk at 5k…. no motivation to walk extra.

Friday was my toughest day. I did! I thought about quitting after every step I took, which makes for a very loooong 3.1 miles (aka. 5k). It didn’t help that I had to wait for a treadmill, and then got one in a less desirable location (no breeze from the air conditioning!). At least I still had my magazine to read, which helped just a little.
That day, Greg walked one mile on the treadmill, taking me up on my challenge, but his walk doesn’t really count, since he makes it to the gym almost every day to work out. He’s only a week-end couch potato 😉

I woke up bright and early on Saturday, and headed to the gym after a quick cup of coffee. It was so early that I had time to walk another 10k and still made it back home before everyone woke up.

This brings us to today, Sunday, April 10, 2011 and the official day for the wwwp5k.
I was up early again, and was at the gym at about 5:20 am. This early on a Sunday is really my favorite time to go, because the place is deserted. You could count the number of cars in the parking lot on one hand! I have my choice of treadmills, and chances are, there won’t be anyone annoying (like popping-bubblegum-bubbles-while-she-walks) next to me.
Today I walked 5k (3.1 miles) at an 18% incline at 3.8 mph….. bringing the GRAND TOTAL of miles walked this week to 30.8!

This was really fun (OK, except maybe on Friday! 😉 ) and just what I needed to get back to the gym regularly again, like I used to. I think WordPress should make this an annual event.

2011/096: Bonus – wwwp5k Times Two

Whew! I did it! I walked two 5ks today. The first 5k wasn’t too bad…. scored the best treadmill again…. and you should have seen the hill I found! 20% incline! I was in a hurry and walked to the top as fast as possible. I knew I was going to be there for 10k, and I wanted to get it over with.

At the first 5k finish line. Not sure what happened to the time display. The time and calorie displays blink when the treadmill is paused, I guess I caught it between blinks. Took just under 45 minutes to finish. Because I walked faster than the last couple of times, the calories burned (850) were less than at the slower speed, even with the higher incline.

The second 5k were a lot tougher. I wanted to quit every step of the way. I lowered the incline to between 15% and 18% and walked most of it at 16%. I increased the speed from 4.1 mph to 4.2 mph and finished in 90 minutes and 11 seconds. The calories display should read 1627, since it starts over after reaching 1000. One mistake I made was to only bring one bottle of water. It was just enough, but it would have been nice to have two.

OK, I held up my end of the deal, now it’s up to you (pointing at all couch potatoes reading this) to get up and get walking. One mile is easy, I promise!  Oh, another great place to walk, is an indoor mall before the stores open, if the weather doesn’t cooperate, or you can’t make it to a gym. Maybe you can get a friend to join you and then go shopping afterwards 😉

2011/094: Bonus – wwwp5k And The Extra Mile

My fellow WordPress bloggers may have heard about the Worldwide WordPress 5k run/walk. Some of you may have gotten an e-mail from them. I didn’t, but read about it on Karma’s blog. Lucky for me, it was this morning before I headed to the gym, and even luckier for me, the rules state that you can do this inside, on a treadmill. With allergy season in full swing here in the Dallas, TX area, it’s so much more pleasant to walk at the gym.
I scored the best treadmill, too, because you can feel the breeze when the air conditioning kicks in.
You’ll have to excuse the terrible quality of the pictures, because photography is not allowed at 24-Hour Fitness, and I had to sneak a couple of pictures with the cellphone. Had to of course have the flash turned off, so the pictures are a little blurry. Too bad I didn’t know about the 5k yesterday, because I was at the gym so early, I may have been able to get permission for a couple of pictures, since there was almost no one else there. Oh well.

So, here is my “finish line”. Not only did I walk 5k, I did it all at an 18% incline!
To explain the numbers you see: 18.0 is the incline, 47:25 is the time in minutes/seconds, 3.10 is distance in miles, 875 is calories burned, and 3.8 is speed in mph.

I didn’t stop there, though, and walked an extra mile. I kept the incline setting the same, but varied the speed.  Again, the numbers you see are incline (18.0%), time elapsed (62 min, 30 seconds), distance (4.11 miles) and calories burned. The counter starts over when you reach 1000, so this should actually read 1160

This was fun, and just what I needed to get me to the gym today (thought about skipping it).

2009/160: Working Out

I did it! I officially joined a health club.  I’ve lost about 20 lbs by walking every morning, at a local park, but it’s getting too hot out to do that, so when Amber mentioned last week that she’s going to a 24-Hour Fitness to take a tour, I met her over there and we took the tour together.
We liked what we saw (they even have a kiddie pool and slide) and signed up for the free 7-day trial membership. We signed our husbands up, too, and came back that evening to work out…. and brought the husbands with us so they could take the tour as well… and then work out with us.  Another great thing at this location is the free child care. Unfortunately Melissa is too old for it (it’s for kids 11 and under), and I was told that she would need a membership to use the pool. They have a great deal for students, so I signed her up for the free trial, because I want her to use some of the equipment, too, not just the pool. She really seemed to like it, especially the bikes.
So yesterday I started the memberships for Melissa and me, Greg decided against it, but he might join the gym at work, which is slightly cheaper than 24-Hour Fitness.
I usually walk an hour on the treadmill, and I’m pretty much done after that! I need to work up to more. Melissa starts out on the treadmill with me, and then moves on to the bikes, and Sara has fun at childcare.  I’m thinking about attending a spin class… has anyone ever done one? I was told they are tough! I certainly will not do a whole hour on a bike in spin class after walking an hour on the treadmill, that’s for sure!