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2012/035: Red

2011/163: Tulip

2011/140: Tulip Pastel

2010/047: Tulip

2009/231: Defined



2009/72: Inside Tulip


2009/64: Red On White


2009/62: Aging Gracefully

Last pictures of my tulips before I had to throw them out. But no worries, these aren’t the only “last pictures”. I have more to share.



2009/61: My Heart Belongs To…

Move over Greg, I’ve found a new love!


Geez people, what do you think of me?! I’m talking about my new Nikon D300!

He needs a name, though…. can’t call him Nick (for Nikon) because that’s what we call Nicholas. Cam (for camera) won’t work either, because that’s what I call Cameron sometimes. Isn’t it funny that my boys ended up with those names? Guess we messed up with the girls and I should have thought of  something photography related for them, too. We considered Julie for Melissa, but that wouldn’t have worked either. I really, really wanted Isabella for Sara, and I guess that would have been close enough to ISO 😉