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2011/195: Still Irresistable

The last of the winecup pictures.


However rare true love may be, it is less so than true friendship.
~ Francois de la Rochefoucauld

2011/131: Bonus – (Mothers Day) Flower

More Mothers Day flowers… this Texas Dandelion was joined by a few regular dandelions (just never got a chance to take a picture of all of them).

2011/131: (Mothers) Dayflowers

The girls went out to the back yard on Sunday and picked these dayflowers for me.

2011/109: Flowers For Mom

The girls went out into the back yard to look for flowers on Sunday. I have eight small little vases, and they filled them all! ūüôā

Sara picked these…

These were from Melissa…

They even picked wild onions!


2010/226: Laugh

2010/225: Love

2010/224: Live

2010/183: All That Remains

Amber and her daughter came over two weeks ago today and brought me a beautiful bouquet of flowers.
Today, these are still hanging on. Love it when flowers last this long. Of course I took (lots of) pictures of the rest of the flowers, too! Stay tuned!

2010/069: Lily

Greg gave me some lilies last week, saying “Here, now you have something to take pictures of and put on your blog, because people are probably tired of your snow pictures”

2010/066: Bubbly

Bubbles at the bottom of a vase.


Happy Birthday to my very best friend, Heike, who lives much too far away in Germany.


2009/267: White


2009/177: Honeysuckle


2009/174: Ivy

A new favorite.

2009-174 Ivy

2009/131: Bonus #2

Better late than never!
Greg didn’t get me any flowers for Mother’s Day yesterday. He talked about stopping at the store on the way home from breakfast and picking up some flowers, and he said that I could pick them out myself. I told him that I didn’t want to pick out my own flowers and I guess all he heard was “I don’t want to pick out my own flowers”.
I did complain, and today he brought me this beautiful bouquet!! ‚ô•

2009-131 MothersDayBouquet

2009/79: Daisy (3)

I wasn’t necessarily¬†planning on posting this today, but Amy requested a front shot, so here it is…


Splash Of Purple

Lost Two

Lost One

On The Window Sill

All That Remains

This is all that’s left of my Mother’s Day bouquets. Not bad for two weeks!