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2012/115: Bonus – Interview With A 9-Year-Old

Thought I’d change it up a bit and do a video interview…. took a little bit of bribing to talk her into it 😉
If you’re wondering about the “British” accent, there are several possible explanations (some are more possible than others)
1) A Harry Potter marathon during Christmas vacation.
2) She’s part British (don’t know how that could have happened!!).
3) She was British in a former life.

2011/283: Filming The Photographer

It’s wrong. You really shouldn’t do that.
(Having fun Killing time DRIVING ME CRAZY! at the Plano Balloon Festival)

2009/253: Videographer

This was during Nick’s visit, on the day that we went to play soccer. Nick gave Melissa his camera so she could take some pictures for him, and not only did she take pictures, she made some videos, too.