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Boredom Buster (1)

The power company shut off the electricity for about two and a half hours on Wednesday so they could do some work in our neighborhood. Of course it went out right in the middle of my shower… and the bad thing about having a tank-less water heater, after the hot water is out of the pipes, all you get is cold!!! I could stand it just long enough to rinse most of the conditioner out of my hair. Brr!!!

Anyway, the power didn’t come right back on like I was hoping, so I had to find things to do…. caught up on my reading first (Made it all the way to December 2007 with my Popular Photography magazine) and then decided to get out the camera and turn on the kitchen faucet.  I put a serious dent in the shutter life of my camera! These drop shots are NOT easy!! I only ended up with a handful of OK ones out of the hundreds I took, and I liked this one best. Focus is the hardest part, and I’ve come up with a plan for next time: use the tripod and my remote!