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2010/146: Creative Exposure

My contribution to Scott’s assignment
This was a tough one, because I had no idea what I wanted to do. I decided on rain, but of course when you want it to rain, it doesn’t. The garden hose isn’t hooked up yet (and who knows where that sprayer attachment is?!!), and so I grabbed a cookie sheet, plate, and glass (quite a set-up, isn’t it? 😉 ) and turned on the kitchen faucet instead… and had some fun playing with shutter speed.

Both pictures were taken with my 60mm macro lens, camera hand-held, ISO 200, f-3.2, and available light.

For the first picture I chose a fast shutter speed (1/160s) to freeze motion and to show the water bubbles as the glass flowed over.

For this picture I chose a slow shutter speed (1/25s) to show more motion and blur the water bubbles.

2010/066: Bubbly

Bubbles at the bottom of a vase.

2009/233: Make A Splash


2009/69: Boredom Buster (2)

A glass of wine water and food coloring


Moms Know What They’re Talking About

I had the pleasure of meeting up with a new friend yesterday. We met at Wolf Camera and then went over to the mall where Sara got to check out the playground and play in the little stream. I had to put an end to that when someone added a whole bunch of chlorine to the stream, so we went to the fountain. Sara of course had to climb on top and run around the fountain, getting faster and faster and faster. She was making me really nervous because she was getting awfully close to the water. You can’t see to the bottom because the water is murky, they have plants and fish in that fountain, and I know there is some kind of grate at the bottom for the plants to attach to…. probably the perfect size for a little kid to get their foot stuck. I finally told her to get down, which she wasn’t too happy about. We walked back along the stream and my friend and I took pictures. Sara was having fun running, jumping, hopping, skipping but she knew she wasn’t allowed back in the water. Next thing I know, my friend is pointing out a dripping wet Sara on the other side of the stream. She fell in!!!! All those times I tell her to stop climbing, jumping, running, and to slow down… but she insisted on learning the hard way. Of course I had to shove the camera in her face, but she was so embarrassed that she turned away (like that’s going to stop me!) but then I got her to turn around after all.  Unfortunately Sara’s little swim meant that my friend and I had to cut our get-together short so I could take Sara home. It was warm out, but it was windy and she was getting cold.

Next time, I’m packing a change of clothes!