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2012/279: Eagle River Falls

Eagle River Falls was another easy-to-find roadside waterfall. Of course the girls were especially happy, because that meant not having to hike who-knows-how-far to get to it 😉

2012/277: Jacobs Falls

Jacobs Falls was very easy to find…it was right next to the road, and you couldn’t miss it.

2012/261: Falls River

We drove through L’Anse again on our way to Houghton, Michigan, where we spent a few days on our vacation this summer. On our way through L’Anse we stopped at Falls River and walked along the river for a while. Of course I stopped often to take pictures of the many wildflowers there. I didn’t have the macro lens on my camera, but I did have my iPhone and olloclip. I must have spent a little too much time with the flowers, because at some point Greg and the girls had left me behind and gone on ahead (was really nice not knowing which way they went when, on my attempt to catch up, I came to a fork in the road and I had to send Greg a quick “where the heck are you??” text). Saw some deer very close to me in the bushes (not sure who was startled more, the deer or me!) that Greg and the girls missed because they didn’t want to wait for me.

2012/260: Silver Falls

The Lower Silver Falls aren’t exactly what I’d call a waterfall, but still pretty.

2012/257: Powerhouse Falls

Powerhouse Falls near L’Anse, Michigan

2012/247: Munising Falls

Munising Falls is another one of the many waterfalls in the Munising, Michigan area that’s worth visiting, even though there wasn’t a lot of water, it was still a pretty waterfall.

2012/245: Wagner Falls

It’s a really nice walk along a path and boardwalk to get to Wagner Falls, just south of Munising, Michigan. It’s not a very long walk either, so no complaints from the kids 😉

2012/243: Horseshoe Falls (1)

Horseshoe Falls is on private property and you have to pay a small fee to get to the falls. There are signs along the path with “fall facts”, and signs that point out trees and wildflowers, there’s also some art work, and a fish pond (come back tomorrow for more details) and in my opinion it was worth the fee.

2012/240: Sable Falls

Sable Falls near Grand Marais, Michigan was just a short walk…and lots and lots of steps…from the parking lot, but well worth it…..just wish we didn’t have to climb back up those steps to get back to the car! 😉

2012/235: Canyon Falls

Canyon Falls was definitely one of the prettier waterfalls we saw in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. It was a nice walk to get to the falls, too.

2012/231: Warner Falls

Warner Falls was one of the many waterfalls we saw on our vacation in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula.

2012/163: Dallas Arboretum (2)

2012/162: Dallas Arboretum (1)

What do I do to get away from the kids who are out of school for the summer, and the husband who’s working from home?
Go to the Dallas Arboretum for some quality me-time of course! The heat & humidity and being eaten alive my mosquitoes was well worth it. And, thanks to the many, many pictures I took, this blog was saved from a sudden death 😉

2011/145: Behind The Waterfall

2010/096: Seven Falls