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2011/339: Bonus – Rain, Rain…

… go away!
It’s been raining since Friday, and we’ve gotten just under 4 inches so far, and it’s still raining (snowing not too far west of us!!!). Seems like Mother Nature is trying to make up for the recent drought in one week-end!

(photographed and edited on my iPad, resized and second border added on PC)

Record High

NOT looking forward to Monday at all. (Screen shot from a local news website)

Hottest Day Of The Year

So far anyway. 108.7 F today, but summer is far from over here in hell Texas.


Ahhh, Texas summer! Predicted high for today: 105 F, according to our local NBC station.  Thinking cool thoughts (with the help of my cell phone wallpaper) just isn’t working.

Trade ya!

Our almost summer like weather for some SNOW!