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2012/029: Then And Now

It was right around this time three years ago that I started my weight loss, and it’s nice to have this reminder (aka fat pants) to see how far I’ve come.
Those fat pants are a size 14, and, as of last fall, I shrank all the way into a size 2* 🙂

* the bigger pair sits at the waist, and the smaller pair just below the waist.

2011/098: Bonus – wwwp5k… Just Do It!

Friday…. six days in a row that I made it to the gym! I honestly don’t remember the last time THAT happened! Today I went at my usual time, which is right after I drop Melissa off at school. When I walked into the gym, all the treadmills were taken!! Well, not all of them, but the FreeMotion ones that I like, and there are only six of those, compared to probably about 15-20 of the other ones. I’d rather wait than get on one of those!
I go and put my bag, keys and glasses into a locker, and when I came back, saw that there were two other people sitting on the little bench, waiting, and still no open treadmills. Within a few minutes, one opens up and guy #1 snatches it up. I sit down on the bench, trying not to listen to myself talk myself into going home, because who knows how long I will have to wait? I didn’t really want to go to the gym today anyway. I ignore this inner voice and thankfully a few minutes later, another treadmill opens up, and guy #2 wasn’t waiting for one, so this one was mine. Unfortunately it wasn’t one of the two “good” ones (I already knew that), and there was no breeze from the air conditioner whatsoever. I wasn’t about to wait any longer, because then that inner voice would have won for sure!
I started out at the usual speed and incline, but quickly decided that nope, can’t do it today and lowered the incline and raised the speed to get this 5k over with asap. I had my magazine to read, but finished it before I reached that 3.1 miles, and stared at the distance display, just waiting for it to say 3.1 so I could press the stop button and go back home.
I’m glad I stuck it out and waited for the treadmill…. and walked the full distance, because going to the gym every day and pushing myself certainly has its perks. I admit that I really slacked off lately. In December I didn’t go to the gym at all, then only a few days in January. February looked a little better, but any excuse was a good enough reason not to go. March was looking much better, and I walked more in March than January and February combined. This month, WordPress gave me the kick in the pants I needed to get myself back to the gym regularly (thank you!!) and just this week, I lost a little over 2 lbs (but less than 3), bringing me back down to that 50 lbs lost milestone. Maybe, just maybe I’ll be able to lose another 6 or 7 lbs by summer.
I have an appointment with a personal trainer on Monday (earned a free session by working out a certain number of times – I think you only had to work out twice? I did more than that of course – in February). I’m hoping he can give me some tips on how to lose those last few pounds, and tell me which machines will be best for toning that flab!

2010/214: Minus Fifty

Pounds, that is!
The jeans I’m wearing holding up are a size 14 and they fit perfectly less than a year and a half ago, and now I fit into a size 4 … unless I shop at Target, I can fit into a size 2, depending on the clothing brand.


And a little bonus for a few certain whiney 😉 friends of mine (you know who you are!).. a picture of me in the dress


2010/166: Bonus – Lost

No!! I didn’t lose Sara, and Sara didn’t get lost, either… but, I lost the equivalent of her weight. A whopping 47.5 lbs! 🙂

2009/312: Size 4

Went to Target a couple of weeks ago to buy a new pair of pants. My size 8’s are getting a little lose, so I tried a size 6 and it was too big, so I went and got a size 4 and it fit perfectly! Honestly, I thought there was something wrong… maybe they were mis-labeled, or maybe Merona (the brand) is putting smaller sizes on their pants on purpose to make women feel good about themselves. Then I went to Kohl’s last week and bought a pair of jeans…. again in a size 4!  (Hurry up, kids, and finish that Halloween candy before I have to move into the gym to keep fitting into those size 4’s!)
Btw. taking a picture of the tag while wearing the pants is a workout in itself!


2009/265: Fitness Evaluation, Part 1 And 2

When I joined the gym in June, the membership manager asked if I wanted a complimentary fitness assessment, but I declined. I said no again when he asked a few weeks later, but when he asked a third time, I finally said yes (to shut him up).
He set me up with a trainer for July 22, and when she took all my measurements, she said that they could do that once a month to track my progress. I finally set up the second appointment with her for yesterday (two months after the first one) and here are the results…

Weight:  -13 lbs
Neck    :  no change
Chest   :  -1.5 inches (darn!)
Bicep   :  -0.5 inches
Forearm:  -0.25 inches
Waist   :  -1.5 inches
Hips     :  -2.5 inches
Thigh   :  -1 inch
Calf       :  no change

You didn’t think I would post my actual measurements, did you? 😉


2009/210: I’d Rather Be At The Gym

Yup, the GYM! I love being there, and when I’m home, I want to go back! I could seriously spend ALL day there. On Sunday I was there just before 5am for about an hour and a half, and then went back in the afternoon with Greg and the kids. Last week on Tuesday I walked 10 miles on the treadmill, and on Friday I walked 10.5 miles!
I’ve been told that I’m crazy (thanks, Amber!) and that I’m obsessed (thanks, honey!) but who knew that it would be so much fun?! And so rewarding to get on that scale and see that another pound or two fell off.
Joining the gym was one of the best things I’ve done for myself 🙂

(If anyone has a 24-Hour Fitness nearby and is thinking about trying them out, leave me a comment and I can do a friend referral. You will get  an e-mail with an offer for a free 24-day trial membership instead of their standard 7-day, plus a  coupon for $24 off your initiation fee if you decide to join)


(What does this song have to do with the gym? They play it there and it’s one of the very few that I like)

2009/199: Milestone

As of yesterday, after my workout.