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2012/122: What Am I?

Any guesses??
Found this strange thing a couple of years ago during our road trip to New York City.

2012/025: What Am I? (Part 1)

Come back tomorrow for Part 2, to find out what this is! 🙂


2011/291: What Am I?

Haven’t played this game in a while. Any guesses what this could be? It’s an easy one, isn’t it?
The first person who guesses correctly wins….. the SmartyPants Award!  (aka bragging rights)  😉

2011/124: What Am I?

Time for a little game of  What am I?  again. Can anyone guess what this is?

2011/017: What Am I?

As usual, I’m thinking it’s too easy. Tune in tomorrow for more pictures of it, and to find out what this is.

2010/152: What Am I?

Back by popular demand (Jan wanted me to do another one 🙂 )
Guess what’s in the picture! The winner gets….. bragging rights!

2010/141: What Am I?

Some of you might remember this game… it’s been a while since we’ve played it, but it’s simple: just guess the object in the photo.
(Probably too easy!)

2009/240: What Am I?


What Am I? (5)

What Am I? (4)

This is probably an easy one…

What Am I? (3)

What Am I? (2)

What Am I?

Anyone want to make a guess?