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2011/246: Adult Souvenirs

The best kind! And please… keep your minds out of the gutter! ūüėČ
Our little souvenirs from our Michigan vacation this summer…

Vidal Blanc Ice Wine from Free Run Cellars and Ice Wine from White Pine Winery. These two we will most likely save for our anniversary and Christmas.

Black Currant from Round Barn Winery and Razz Berry from Mackinaw Trail Winery

White Briarwood and Red Briarwood from Fenn Valley Vineyards

Harvest Rose from The Fox Barn Winery and Forbidden Fruit Sweet Red from St. Julian Winery

Blackberry and Velvet Red from St. James Winery (in Missouri)

Cranberry and Blushing Bare from McIntosh Cellars

2011/218: Summer Roadtrip, Michigan Part 8

Thursday, July 14 was our last day in Michigan, and before leaving Holland, we stopped at Holland Harbor Lighthouse, which we viewed from Holland State Park.

About 45 minutes south is South Haven South Pier Light, our next stop.

We did some wine tasting and shopping at McIntosh Winery¬†in South Haven. Not only did we sample wines, but we got to sample cheeses, too, and bought a basil flavored cheese¬†(along with blueberry barbecue sauce and some kind of spicy pickled asparagus – I didn’t try either one of those), and the kids got to taste some juices.
We were in St. Joseph around lunch time and wanted to stop at one more winery before looking for a place to eat. Traffic was a nightmare, and there were no parking spaces to be found. After driving around for what seemed an eternity, we finally found a parking space several blocks away and walked to the winery in the downtown area, then ate lunch at a sub shop before heading back to the  car. Of course by then, there was almost no traffic and plenty of parking! Must have just been the lunch time rush.

Forget naked…. I’d be asleep!

We had one more place on our list of things to see, St. Joseph North Pier Light, and we almost skipped it because there was a $5 fee for parking (is that really wort it, to spend about 30 minutes there?) and no other public parking nearby. It was either private property or marina parking. In the end we did pay the fee, because it was the very last lighthouse.