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2011/200: On The Outside

Moth on the outside of my bathroom window.
The sky and clouds are actually a window cling, covering the entire windows for privacy.

2011/184: View From My Window

2009/107: Squirrel

The kids found this little squirrel hanging on to the screen of our living room window last Saturday. It was the funniest thing! He stayed there for hours and finally climbed off the screen, and off the front porch around 8:30pm that night.



More Rain

Two rounds of thunderstorms yesterday. Sunny and blue skies (but a chilly 35 degrees!) so far today.

Hoping this year won’t be a repeat of a very wet 2007.


Looking In

We had a beautiful sunset yesterday, and I decided to go outside to take some pictures. I thought the reflection looked really neat in our living room window. And yes, that’s the Superbowl on TV. The second picture shows a real view of the sunset. 035-outsidein.jpg