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2014/049: Celebrate

Only four people missing from this celebration today:
My sister-in-law Daneen, who I will definitely be thinking of tonight when I drink her favorite wine and not be able to share with her…
My friend Heike, who lives all the way in Germany, and it’s been much too long (almost 15 years!) since I’ve seen her…
My wonderful and talented friend Dalia, who may still be snowed in in New Jersey and is no doubt ready for some of the spring weather we’re having…
And last but not least, my favorite Brit, Jason Statham Brian, cos someone has to keep pouring the wine (and provide the entertainment) 😉


2012/149: Hurry!

But then again….it’s 5 o’clock somewhere, right? 😉

2011/306: Winery

No getaway is complete without stopping at a winery or two.

The Chocolate wine is from Canadian River Winery, south of Norman, Oklahoma.  It’s not at all like the Choco Wine I posted about recently. This one actually looks like wine, and tastes like wine, with some chocolate flavoring.
The other two wines are from Brushy Creek Vineyards in Texas, where we stopped on our way back home.

2011/284: Chocolate Wine

I’ve seen different brands of chocolate flavored wine at some stores over the last few years and always thought it sounded gross. I like wine, and those who’ve been reading this blog for a while know that I love chocolate… but chocolate flavored wine? Eewww!
Then on a recent sampling shopping trip to Sam’s Club, they offered samples of this Choco Noir Chocolate Wine Specialty (to thone over 21 only of course!) and I thought I’d give it a try. I could always kill the taste with one of the other samples they offered that day, right? But you know what? It was surprisingly good! So good, that we bought a bottle. There’s no wine taste and it just tastes like thick liquid chocolate with a kick. Yum!

2011/246: Adult Souvenirs

The best kind! And please… keep your minds out of the gutter! 😉
Our little souvenirs from our Michigan vacation this summer…

Vidal Blanc Ice Wine from Free Run Cellars and Ice Wine from White Pine Winery. These two we will most likely save for our anniversary and Christmas.

Black Currant from Round Barn Winery and Razz Berry from Mackinaw Trail Winery

White Briarwood and Red Briarwood from Fenn Valley Vineyards

Harvest Rose from The Fox Barn Winery and Forbidden Fruit Sweet Red from St. Julian Winery

Blackberry and Velvet Red from St. James Winery (in Missouri)

Cranberry and Blushing Bare from McIntosh Cellars

2011/245: Detention

Didn’t think tasting bad wine would count as drinking bad wine….

Saw this at Peninsula Cellars Winery in Traverse City, Michigan.
Detention is the name of one of their wines. They also have one called Homework.

2011/178: Good Thing….

… we’re leaving on vacation soon, and can bring back some new friends for those lonely three wine bottles left in our wine rack 😉
These are all from last year’s vacation.

Kick And A Pat, Sweet Lady Red, and You’Re Making Me Blush from Southern Hills Winery in Osceola, Iowa

Edelweiss from Two Saints Winery in St. Charles, Iowa, and Peach Wine from Vetro Winery in Sullivan, Wisconsin

Blackberry Wine, White Cloud, and Raspberry Wine from Summerside Vineyards in Vinita, Oklahoma. These were my favorites, along with The Good Life

The Good Life, and Live For The Moment from Whispering Meadows Winery in McAlester, Oklahoma

2010/289: Bitch Bubbly

Found this on display at a wine store at the Mall of America.
Not sure though… is that the antidote, or is that what you turn into when you drink it?
Same with the bottle next to it…. is that for dad to drink on his day off, or will he need the next day off after popping the cork?

2010/273: My Doctor Said I Need Glasses

Wine tasting isn’t the only fun thing to do at a winery. I like to browse the “boutique”, too, and see what kind of funny things they put on t-shirts.
My doctor said I need glasses was one of them.

Others were:
Drinks well with others  (I do!)
Well red
Wine me up
Wines all the time
  (who, me?)
Save water, drink wine  (one of my favorites!)
Zero to naked in 1.5 bottles (nah, 1.5 bottles is too much and would just put me to sleep! 😉 )
Got wine?  (well do you?)
Will trade husband for wine  (depends on the wine! 😉 )
You had me at Merlot
It’s 5 o’clock somewhere

2010/264: Reflection, Part 1

Anyone want to guess where I found this reflection?
(Check back tomorrow for the answer. You can guess all you want, but I’m not giving anything away today 😉 )

2010/252: Summer Road Trip, Part 8 (cont.)

After the loong day at Mall of America, we went back to the hotel to rest up a little before getting together with our niece and her boyfriend again. We looked up the DDD diner we wanted to go to, and unfortunately they weren’t open for dinner… or were closed on Mondays, something like that. So, we had to scratch another diner off our list.
We ended up having dinner at Cossetta’s, an Italian Restaurant in St. Paul, and then we all went to our niece’s house. We sat by the fire, had a glass of wine or beer, and the kids played with the dogs again, and later on the Wii, getting addicted to Mario Cart. Another really nice evening with family.

2010/049: 24

Please forgive the selective dyslexia 😉

Tonight is the night we finally get to drink this! Ice wine from Germany!
(We bought it before Christmas and planned on drinking it Christmas Eve, but then forgot all about it)

And what am I going to drink it out of? Well, this glass of course! Thanks Daneen, Brian and David for this cool birthday present! I might have to start collecting these! 😉

It even has a recipe on the bottom


A favorite drink in Germany, on cold winter nights. Glühwein is red wine with spices added, and you drink it hot.
We found this at our local World Market a few weeks back, but saved it until our anniversary last Saturday.


Things I Love – part 6

Eiswein (aka. ice wine).  My favorite wine ever… too bad it only comes in the small bottles and isn’t all that cheap, either.