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2011/195: Still Irresistable

The last of the winecup pictures.

2011/164: Irresistable

Part 3 of the Winecups was supposed to be the last, but then Melissa found another one, and I just couldn’t resist, taking pictures of it.
And just to warn you now, I have one more post with winecup pictures coming up at some point, just not sure yet when 😉

2011/153: Winecup (3)

2011/152: Winecup (2)

2011/151: Winecup (1)

We were driving around last week-end, running errands, when Melissa spotted these pretty little flowers in a field next to the road. Greg found a safe spot to pull over, and told her she could get out and pick some of them. She didn’t want to, so Greg did!