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2010/056: Still Walking

… in a winter wonderland.

2010/055: Walking

The schools were closed on Friday (February 12, 2010) and Greg worked from home that day, and since he didn’t have any conference calls until later, we all went for a walk in the snow.
Melissa kept saying that the trees looked fake, with all the snow on them ūüôā
And Amber, I don’t know if you recognize the last one… that’s where we photographed the spider lilies last fall, or threw wild onions at each other last spring!

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2010/054: Texas Snowday, Part 6

2010/053: Texas Snowday, Part 5

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2010/011: Indiana Snow, Part 2

This was the view from our hotel room the next morning. Beautiful!
We were on the third floor, so in the foreground is the roof of the lobby/pool/gym.

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2010/008: Winter Wonderland

The roads may have been a mess, but at least we had something pretty to look at while we crawled along at 45mph (or slower!)