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2014/050: Let It Snow

Can you believe we actually got some snow here in TX this winter? It was just a tiny bit, but snow is snow, so I added a 21mm extension tube to my 60mm macro lens, and outside I went to capture some snowflakes.

2014-050  1

2014-050 2

2014-050 3

2014-050 4

2014-050 5

2014-050 6

2014-050 7

2014-050 8

2014-050 9


Visiting Winter

I think if you ask my 10-year-old daughter Sara, she’d tell you that one of the highlights of our Florida vacation this past June was visiting Winter at the Clearwater Marine Aquarium in Clearwater, Florida….. and if you’ve seen the movie Dolphin Tale, you know who Winter is. (If you haven’t seen it, I highly recommend it, it’s such a good movie!)

After we got back from Florida, Sara asked to have the movie added to our Netflix queue so we could watch it again and see all the familiar places. A big part of it was filmed at Clearwater Marine Aquarium, although it had a facelift since then.

Winter, with her prosthetic tail
2013-031 a

Two of the stars of the movie 😉
2013-031 b

A still from the movie….
2013-031 c

….and where it was filmed
2013-031 d

Free shuttle busses take visitors from the Marine Aquarium to the movie exhibit (and back again of course!)
2013-031 e

One of Winter’s prosthetics that she has outgrown
2013-031 f

2012/361 – Bonus: Snow!

I was dreaming of a white Christmas, and my dream came true….well, close enough anyway 😉

It started out as pouring rain on Christmas morning. Temperatures were around 44 F when we left for Oklahoma to spend Christmas with family, and fell to about freezing. The rain slowly turned to snow during the drive north, and by the time we reached Greg’s brother’s house, it was all sleet and very windy and cold.
We left a little sooner than planned to go back home, because the weather continued to get worse, and the drive from Durant to Dallas took us three hours instead of the normal hour an a half. We saw plenty of cars spun out in the median because they refused to slow down. (Every car that passed us going much to fast, I waved to and said “see you in the ditch!” LOL)
Our little town got enough snow to cover the grass completely and it looked so pretty, even in the dark. This morning I could barely wait for the sun to come up so I could bundle up and introduce my iPhone to the snow.
I think my next purchase will be “texting gloves” to keep my hands warm and still be able to use my iPhone. Two more minutes in the cold, and you could have snapped my fingers off like icicles 😉

2012-361 - B1

2012-361 - B2

Walking in a Winter Wonderland – taken with my olloclip macro lens
2012-361 - B3

2011/047: Crepe Myrtle In Winter

2011/040: Bonus – Winter Storm

Just a couple of images from today…
We didn’t get the predicted 3-5 inches of snow (something about 80 mph dry air “decapitating” the clouds and blowing away the parts of the clouds that had the most snow potential), but there was plenty of ice and sleet before we got just a little bit of snow. School was cancelled after they had announced that they would be open and on time, so this was snow day #5! Crazy Texas weather!

2011/040: Cardinal

I was trying to take pictures of the falling snow last week, and couldn’t help thinking of Tracy when a red blur flew through my viewfinder and sat down in the neighbor’s tree. I quickly took a few pictures with my 18-200mm lens before digging out the 80-400mm, and good thing I did, because by the time I had the other lens on the camera, he was gone!

2011/038: Bonus – Snowbunny

This one loves snow as much as I do 🙂 She was running circles around the cactus (aka running from the camera!)

2011/036: Bonus – Snow Day

Yesterday was actually snow day #4, but the first day that we actually had snow, and not ice and sleet. We woke up to a winter wonderland, and ended up with about 6 inches (15cm) of snow. Unfortunately it was the powdery stuff, so there will be no pictures of snowmen or snowball fights.

The view of our street.

My car’s tire

I guess if you can’t build a snowman, clearing the snow off mommy’s car is the next best thing?

A heart, created by the falling snow from a tree branch

Glittery snow, once the sun finally came out again.

It’s a beautiful, sunny day today, with clear blue skies. Temperatures will finally be above freezing again, and after being held hostage by whoever is in charge of clearing the roads, it looks like we will finally be able to GO somewhere again.  I expect all the snow to be melted away by sometime tomorrow, but I still have a few snowy pictures (and snowflakes) to share in the days to come.

2011/035: Bonus 2 – More Ice

Some ice pictures from yesterday.

This is the ice-covered ramp leading off the back porch. It was tough, cracking the ice with my boot, that stuff was solid!

When I was taking pictures of the cracked ice, I discovered some “stalagmites” forming on the ramp

The wind had blown the cover off the grill and it landed in the grass just off the porch. I carefully peeled the grill cover off the ice and saw this:

Ice on the hood of my car. There was actually a gap between the ice and the hood, making the reflection look even prettier

Another one from the hood of my car. See the heart?

Ice chip, found in front of my car. Greg must have knocked it off when he scraped the windshield the day before. It wasn’t a big piece, maybe about 2 inches.

2011/035: Bonus 1 – Ice

When I saw some strange icicles hanging from our back porch yesterday afternoon, I decided to brave the cold again, to take some pictures. Although at 26 degrees F, it almost felt warm! At least I was able to stay outside for more than five minutes 😉
Look for another bonus post sometime later today, I have even more ice pictures to share. And, it looks like there will be more bonus posts coming up in the next few days, because we woke up to SNOW this morning!

Some icicles grew legs… maybe they were trying to run away? I don’t blame them 😉


My car was/is attached to the street with some icicles!

2011/033: Another Bonus – Winter Weather (2)

Some more pictures from our winter storm yesterday. I went outside three times, for about 5 minutes each, and that’s all it took for my fingers to get so cold that I couldn’t feel them anymore. Wouldn’t have been so bad out, if it wasn’t for the wind!

Icy plum tree

Frozen blackberry leaves

Frozemary (aka frozen rosemary)

Leaves of whatever plant that is with the red berries. See those “snowflakes” on that leaf in the bottom right corner? If only I had seen them earlier!  By the time I started editing the pictures (hours after taking them!) and went back outside to search for them, they had disappeared.

Frozen dandelion that I picked and placed on the porch railing

Half-buried leaf and dead grass

My (slightly warped) reflection in one of my car’s icy side windows. Note the lobster-red fingers that I couldn’t feel at that point and wouldn’t have known if they had snapped off from the cold 😉

2011/032: Bonus – Winter Weather (1)

Let it snow sleet, let it snow sleet, let it snow sleet!

Seems to always be in February, that north Texas is getting ice. It started as rain last night, and with falling temperatures, turned to sleet/ice around 4:40 am (yes, I was already up!) and for once our school district wasn’t the last one to decide that schools would be closed today. I was actually a little surprised that they cancelled, because everyone around us can be closed or delayed, but we are open, and on time.
The next few days are going to be brutal, with highs in the 20’s and lows in the teens or single digits! That might be balmy for the northern States right now, but it’s pretty darn cold for Texas. No worries for anyone who is flying in for the Super Bowl, on Sunday the high is supposed to be close to 60 degrees F.

Ice on the outside of the living room window

The hood of my car

Frozen puddle

Ice/sleet on the railing of our front porch

The hood of my car again

More tomorrow (as bonus post)

2011/012: It Snowed! (Part 3)

2011/011: It Snowed! (Part 2)

2011/010: It Snowed! (Part 1)

I  know I promised flower pictures, but it snowed here in the Dallas area yesterday, and how can I not post snow pictures for the next two weeks? Just kidding, I will only torture you with snow pictures for the next three days, and I will keep my promise and post a flower bonus this afternoon.

We couldn’t find any snow penguins (here is a larger view), just two little snow men. The first one was built by Melissa and set on top of our privacy fence so he could look out into the neighborhood. Sara placed hers next to our back porch. She was trying to make him a little hat out of pebbles, but then changed her mind.

2010/059: More Fun In The Snow

Melissa, standing on what was left of her snowman (see picture in yesterday’s post) and looking over the fence into our yard.

Sara tried to do the same but she was a little too short!

So they built snow steps 🙂 (I did make them come into the back yard)

2010/058: Fun In The Snow (2)

 In case you’re wondering, they’re building “snow steps” in the last photo, so they could look over the fence.

2010/057: Fun In The Snow (1)

This was still on our walk Friday morning. We were almost back home.

click on thumbnails for larger view

2010/056: Still Walking

… in a winter wonderland.

2010/055: Walking

The schools were closed on Friday (February 12, 2010) and Greg worked from home that day, and since he didn’t have any conference calls until later, we all went for a walk in the snow.
Melissa kept saying that the trees looked fake, with all the snow on them 🙂
And Amber, I don’t know if you recognize the last one… that’s where we photographed the spider lilies last fall, or threw wild onions at each other last spring!

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2010/054: Texas Snowday, Part 6

2010/053: Texas Snowday, Part 5

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2010/050: Texas Snowday, Part 4

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2010/049: Bonus: Texas Snowday, Part 3

The squirrels seemed to enjoy the snow, too!