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Star Player

Sara had her second soccer game of the season yesterday and she did so well! At first we only had two players and the other team let us borrow one of their girls so we didn’t have to forfeit the game, but then one other girl showed up.  It was so funny to watch them play. One girl didn’t want to get on the field at all to play and had to be forced out there… the other girl kept running off the field because she was hungry and wanted a snack, or she stuck her finger in her mouth and then held it up to see where the wind was coming from… and Sara played her little heart out.

I’m glad they don’t keep score for her age group, but if they did, it would have been something like 583-2 for the other team! I’m proud to say that Sara scored both goals for her team!! After the game, the other team’s coach and one of the other team’s parents came up to her to tell her how well she played.