crop happens…

First Stop: Phoenix

Visiting a friend. Can’t wait to see you again!!! I keep telling Melissa that you knew her when she was a baby 🙂

6 responses

  1. Anjeanette

    That is me!! Yay! I can’t wait. I’m going to see Michaela today. I think it has been 10 years or something. Lady, that pin should be moved North West to Peoria!

    I’m off to clean. My house is a mess. Eeeek!

    And don’t think you won’t have a picture taken and posted on my blog and flickr! Ha ha! Ooh wait, does that mean you will take my picture and post it too. Maybe I need to rething that one;)

    6. June, 2008 at 08:10

  2. photographybycheryl

    JEALOUS….Have a great visit ladies… can’t wait to see some pics…

    Gosh, we miss Phx. a lot… Shawn went to grad school out in Glendale (Thunderbird)….

    6. June, 2008 at 09:40

  3. Anjeanette

    No way Cheryl. My cousin’s hubby went there too. He is now working in Japan. They make a lotta money. Great school and not too far from me. I didn’t know you lived here.

    6. June, 2008 at 10:54

  4. dalia

    super envious!!! You will have so much fun!! Can’t wait till its my turn to meet someone!

    6. June, 2008 at 15:14

  5. plainmama

    Have so much fun you 2! I can’t believe you knew each other from way back and reconnected (visited your blog Anjeanette 🙂 ). That is so awesome!

    7. June, 2008 at 08:39

  6. Yes, we knew each other from way back when. And Anjeanette, I think you found me on flickr, through a comment I left on someone’s photostream.
    We had a great time on Friday. It was so nice to see you again, and meet your boys 🙂
    Anjeanette’s older son and Sara got along really well (they all did) and were so cute, coloring pictures together at dinner. Anjeanette and I are planning the wedding and you’re all invited in about 20 years 😉

    Oh, and for anyone who watches the show “Diners, Drive-ins & Dives” on the Food Network, we had lunch at Joe’s Farm Grill, and then dinner (with Anjeanette & family) at Thee Pitt’s Again. Both great places!

    9. June, 2008 at 06:50

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