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2011/277: Fall Colors

So they’re in the form of flower petals and not leaves, but they’re still fall colors!
This was taken last November at the Dallas Arboretum.

4 responses

  1. Becky Sue

    That’s my favorite variety of marigold. Love the color and focus you captured here.

    4. October, 2011 at 07:24

  2. doreen3boys

    oh yeah, this screams fall, love it!

    4. October, 2011 at 07:56

  3. Now there’s one I don’t plant… not fold of the smell. Nice warm photo though and I can’t smell it so thanks!!

    4. October, 2011 at 21:51

  4. perfect for fall!!

    10. October, 2011 at 17:37

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