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2010/152: Video Bonus: Award Winning

The following two videos are of Melissa’s school choir performing at the spring concert on May 11. A few days later they performed these same two songs at a local competition and won Best in Class for Treble and Grand Champion of the entire competition!!
I haven’t seen it, but the Best in Class trophy is actually taller than most of the students who earned it.

The videos are from my iPod Nano, and unfortunately not the greatest (must be all that white!). Melissa is somewhere in the first row… fourth from the left. I have videos of the boys choir, too, but I’ll spare you those (unless someone has a severe case of insomnia? 😉 )

2010/152: What Am I?

Back by popular demand (Jan wanted me to do another one 🙂 )
Guess what’s in the picture! The winner gets….. bragging rights!