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2010/251: Bonus – Hermine

Yes, this storm we are in the middle of right now has a name, and is leaving north Texas (and other areas as well) a complete mess! All I can say is Tropical Storm Hermine needs to move on asap! We’ve gotten 5 inches of rain so far (since yesterday morning) and it’s not over yet!
We had some rain late last week and our roof sprung a leak… there was water running down from the ceiling in Melissa’s room! Greg called the roofer, who was able to come out the next morning and take a look. He told us that we would need different types of shingles for the flat roof above Melissa’s room, and he was going to e-mail us a quote.
It was sunny after that, but sometime yesterday morning it started raining again, and by about 4:30pm, we had water dripping from the ceiling again. Greg called the roofer back, who was able to come out during a break in the rain and patch up the roof. It didn’t stop the leak, but it slowed it down. Still, I’ve been waiting ever since for the ceiling to come crashing down. So far, so good (knock on wood!).
So now we need a good three DRY days, and then another day and a half for the roofer to do the work. Anyone want to trade some sunshine for a steady downpour? I’ll be happy to trade!

6 responses

  1. Well that stinks! Best wishes “weathering the storm” – ooh, guess you didn’t need a pun like that today, did you?

    8. September, 2010 at 15:36

  2. dalia

    WOW that is a lot of rain!! hope it dries up soon!

    8. September, 2010 at 19:26

  3. That is a lot of rain. It’s raining here as well. I like your photos they do tell the story well.

    8. September, 2010 at 20:01

  4. I’m sorry for the leak in your roof, hope you get it fixed soon, here in Denmark it has also been raining much more than normally, so we are not able to trade for the moment 😦 The first photo with the raindrops on thar blurry light/green background is really good!

    9. September, 2010 at 02:20

  5. doreen3boys

    what is this world coming to? yesterday we tied the record hottest summer with 53 days over 90 degrees and haven’t had significant rainfall in 17 days………..if I didn’t know better, I’d think I swapped lives w/ you!!

    Stay safe and dry..good luck w/ the roof!

    9. September, 2010 at 09:15

  6. Thanks everyone. Things are looking a bit better today. After a few showers this morning, it’s been dry and sunny. More rain is in the forecast, but I’m crossing my fingers that it will miss us.

    Doreen, this weather is crazy!! When I was growing up, tornadoes were unheard of in Germany, and just last week-end, my friend (who still lives there) told me that there were FOURTY tornadoes sighted in ONE DAY!! Thankfully nowhere near where she lives, but they were in the area where they had vacationed just a few weeks earlier.

    9. September, 2010 at 18:27

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