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2014/045: Happy Valentine’s Day

You are my soul mate, my sweetheart,
You are my dream come true.
From now until the end of time
I give my heart and soul to you.

2014-045 WM


2012/045: Valentine’s Bonus

2012/045: Happy Valentine’s Day

…to all the lovebirds out there ♥

2012/037: Valentines

These are the Valentines that Sara will hand out to her classmates and teachers this year.
We bought matchboxes and pretty papers, removed the matches, and covered the boxes with the papers. Finding something to fill them with was a bit of a challenge because I wanted candy that was wrapped. The Hersheys hearts fit pretty well, and we found a different brand of chocolate hearts, too, and added one to each matchbox.
It was a fun little project, and Sara was happy that her Valentines didn’t involve getting her picture taken 😉

2010/045: Be Mine

This is Sara’s Valentine this year, that she sent out to some friends, and handed out at the Valentine’s Party at school.

(candy wrapper removed for photographic purposes 😉 )

2009/45: Happy Valentine’s Day

This is the card, that Sara got to hand out to her classmates yesterday. Sadly, they didn’t have a Valentine’s Party. I thought it was district wide, but then I found out from Amber that her daughter’s school is doing Valentine’s parties.
I e-mailed Sara’s teacher to ask why, and told her that Sara was really looking forward to exchanging valentines with her classmates. She wrote back, saying it was a decision made by the PTA and the principal, and that they had opted for an end of year party instead.
I’m sorry, but what is so special about an end of year party? The whole last week of school is pretty much a party… no one does anymore learning, the report cards are already printed, they have field day, and everyone is excited about summer break.
The next day, Sara’s teacher came up to me at the end of the school day to tell me that she talked to the room mom, and the students would be allowed to exchange cards during social studies time on February 13th. Yay! That’s all I wanted. I’m OK with not passing out candy, etc. but to not even let them exchange cards just didn’t seem right. I guess more parents complained, because just a few days later, another note was sent home (with ALL the students), saying that there would not be any Valentine’s parties, but the students would be allowed to exchange cards if they chose to. But, the kicker was that the PTA was asking the parents to help bake or donate cookies for all the teachers as some kind of Valentine’s appreciation thing (I forget the wording). What is wrong with that picture??? The kids are denied a party, but the teachers get one, cookies and all? Needless to say, I did not drop off any cookies. I would have gladly baked some for the students, though.


This picture was inspired by Kristie

2009/37: Bonus

As promised, here are Sara’s Valentine cards from the last two years. Unfortunately I couldn’t find Melissa’s.

2008   (happy that she got to eat the sucker after the pictures)

2007   (funniest kid I know!)


Is a little cooperation too much to ask??
Wait… don’t answer that!

I was trying to take some pictures of Sara, for her Valentine’s cards, and of course this is typical of my little goofball.
(Focus IS supposed to be on the heart)


Outtake #584628023

I’m beginning to think that the “good” pictures of her are really the outtakes, since this captures her personality perfectly.

She’ll be starting kindergarten in the fall and I can already hear the phone ringing every single day, and her teacher telling me that she’s acted out in class – again – and to please explain to her (again!) that this is NOT clown school.