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2011/035: Bonus 2 – More Ice

Some ice pictures from yesterday.

This is the ice-covered ramp leading off the back porch. It was tough, cracking the ice with my boot, that stuff was solid!

When I was taking pictures of the cracked ice, I discovered some “stalagmites” forming on the ramp

The wind had blown the cover off the grill and it landed in the grass just off the porch. I carefully peeled the grill cover off the ice and saw this:

Ice on the hood of my car. There was actually a gap between the ice and the hood, making the reflection look even prettier

Another one from the hood of my car. See the heart?

Ice chip, found in front of my car. Greg must have knocked it off when he scraped the windshield the day before. It wasn’t a big piece, maybe about 2 inches.

21 responses

  1. You found some nice ‘ice sculptures’ courtesy of Mother Nature!

    The reflection on the the hood of your car is neat!

    4. February, 2011 at 14:20

  2. doreen3boys

    wow, that’s just absurd. Is everything still ice covered? hmm, I didn’t know what a stalagmite was, now I do thanks to the Texas ice 😉

    4. February, 2011 at 14:24

    • Yup, it’s all ice, SNOW and slush out there right now… and snowing again!

      4. February, 2011 at 14:32

  3. WOW, these ice photos are beautiful! So you have snow again, isn´t that unusual? Perhaps it is from the cold night and disappear at daytime?

    4. February, 2011 at 15:13

    • Very unusual that it’s so cold for so long, and TWO winter storms in the same week!
      It’s still below freezing, and the snow is still here. It might start melting sometime tomorrow.

      4. February, 2011 at 15:35

  4. Becky Sue

    Ok, no more ice and snow. Back to flowers, please. AND don’t send that stupid storm our way.

    4. February, 2011 at 15:22

    • SO sorry, Becky! I do have flowers coming up (tomorrow anyway) but I’m editing all the snow pictures I took today. They’ll be showing up here on the blog in the next few days.
      Will do my best NOT to send that storm your way, but I’m afraid it’s headed north. Maybe by the time it gets to you, it will be all snowed out? I’ll send some warmth up your way as soon as we get some! 😉

      4. February, 2011 at 15:37

      • Becky Sue

        It would be much appreciated. 🙂

        5. February, 2011 at 07:24

  5. You are my kind of photographer! I like photographing ice. Love these pictures. Very sharp & clear.

    4. February, 2011 at 17:28

  6. Your ice pictures are lovely Michaela, but I have a request! How about some Texas style pictures? Things that people think of when they think of Texas! Ice is making me groan right now, as it is causing my windows to leak. 😦
    Luckily, I don’t think the storm is really headed this way. Forecast for the week on is thankfully mild (for now anyway!)

    5. February, 2011 at 08:23

    • What DO you think of when you think of Texas? Because I hate it here and try not to think about it.
      Sorry Karen, more winter pictures on the way. More snow than ice, though 😉
      Glad that storm isn’t headed up there!

      5. February, 2011 at 08:37

      • Oh, and I uploaded a cactus (snow covered, but it’s a cactus 😉 ) picture to facebook yesterday, in case you missed it.

        5. February, 2011 at 08:38

      • Long-horn cattle, oil wells, big open skies, wide expanses of land, lots of stars in the sky at night, the Gulf of Mexico. That’s what I think of when I think of Texas. Probably quite the cliche point of view coming from someone who has lived virtually her entire life in the same town.
        I did see your snowy cactus on FB…any enchantment with snow has quickly evaporated here, unfortunately!

        5. February, 2011 at 12:04

  7. Hmm… let’s see…
    Longhorn cattle.. don’t remember seeing any around here. Maybe next time we travel anywhere. Same with oil wells.
    Although, supposedly Fort Worth is doing a cattle drive through downtown every day? Maybe that’s just during the stock show? Not sure… I heard something about it just the other day, but missed part of it. I’m really not interested in going anyway.
    Wide expanses of land is soooooo booooring when all you see it flat boring landscapes.
    The Gulf of Mexico is too far, but who knows, we may make it down there one of these days.
    Thanks for not saying cowboys!
    Can you tell I don’t like it here? I miss Maryland…

    5. February, 2011 at 12:14

    • One thing I like about reading other blogs is that it has the power to change our cliches and expectations about different places. We think Texas is about longhorn cattle and then discover it’s really about ice in winter. We’re busted!

      By the way…I hated the Upper Peninsula when we moved here. It took me several years before I learned how to love the place. Your photographic eye might actually be the trick which helps you fall in love with a new land.

      6. February, 2011 at 08:33

      • Thank you, Kathy.
        I don’t think I will ever fall in love with Texas… we’ve lived here for over 14 years and it hasn’t happened yet. Don’t get me wrong, though, Texas isn’t ALL bad, parts of it are nice, like San Antonio, Galveston, South Padre Island…. but I’d still prefer NOT to live here.

        6. February, 2011 at 08:37

        • Well, fourteen years IS a long time… You probably know by now!

          6. February, 2011 at 08:39

  8. So much ice. I love the ice grill cast and car photos. Is your car grey, it almost looks like they are B&W.

    6. February, 2011 at 19:50

    • Thanks, Deanna. My car is actually dark blue (you can see it best on the pic with the heart in the ice), but on grey days like this one, it looks more black than blue.

      7. February, 2011 at 04:54

  9. dalia

    hey when did NJ move to TX??? LOL ice does make for some very cool (LOL) pics!

    7. February, 2011 at 06:41

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