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2012/031: Trio

2012/030: Vintage

2012/029: Then And Now

It was right around this time three years ago that I started my weight loss, and it’s nice to have this reminder (aka fat pants) to see how far I’ve come.
Those fat pants are a size 14, and, as of last fall, I shrank all the way into a size 2* 🙂

* the bigger pair sits at the waist, and the smaller pair just below the waist.

2012/028: The Chase….And A Fantasy

Sally doesn’t look too happy! 😉

I can’t remember what prompted me to photograph this little scene (a moment of desperation, because I couldn’t find anything else to photograph?), but it does kinda sorta have to do with a fantasy of mine, because I would love to take my car out on a race course sometime and just gun it, see how fast it can go. Actually, what I’d really like to do, is get my previous car back (Nissan Rogue…. still miss it, even if it did have “issues”) and take that out on the race track. That little car has some get-up-and-go! It would leave any ol’ Hyundai Santa Fe (my current car) in the dust 😛
And if there was one thing I could do while passed out cold, it would be to get a tattoo.

If there was one thing… anything at all… that you could do, what would it be?

2012/027: Bonus – Chuck vs. The Good-Bye

It’s a sad day…. another one of my favorite TV-shows is coming to an end 😦


Strange little flower…. don’t know what it is, and can’t remember when or where I found it.


Did you guess that the subject in yesterday’s post was a tightly closed Queen Anne’s Lace after it bloomed? If so, you were correct!

2012/025: What Am I? (Part 1)

Come back tomorrow for Part 2, to find out what this is! 🙂



What’s better than whipped cream?



Chocolate whipped cream, of course! (Even if it doesn’t photograph as well 😉 )


2012/023: A Good Start To Any Day

…is coffee!

2012/022: Playing With Matches

No matches were lit during this project

This last photo was taken with my iPad…. forgot to take one with my “real” camera.

2012/021: Busy, Busy

I got myself in trouble about a week ago, when I started this huge cross-stitch project! I love to cross-stitch, just wish it wasn’t so time consuming, and I’ll be lucky to get it all finished before the end of the year.
Because of that, I won’t be around as much. There will still be something new here on the blog every day, but I may not make it to your blogs every day, or comment on every post. But I’ll try to catch up (and keep up) as best I can.

There will also be a whole lot of randomness here… with no flowers to photograph, desperation is taking over 😉

2012/020: Because I Couldn’t Decide

… where to focus. I like them both, what about you?

2012/019: Dandelion

2012/018: Stylish Stylus

I had this little snowflake charm that still needed a “home”, and I thought clipping it to my stylus would be perfect!
LOVE using the stylus for mt iPad, by the way 🙂

2012/017: Winter Leaves


2012/015: Getting The Shot

My little shooting partner, getting her own shots of the paperwhites.

2012/014: January Blooms (5)

Told you it would be paperwhites overload! 😉 Last one, I promise!

2012/013: January Blooms (4)

2012/012: January Blooms (3)

2012/011: January Blooms (2)

2012/010: January Blooms (1)

Saw these beauties on the way to the store on Sunday morning, and Sara and I went for a little walk after lunch to take pictures. Even for Texas this is a little early. (Get ready for an overload of these paperwhites this week…. I don’t have much else to post, and I’m getting desperate 😉 )

2012/009: Procrastination At Its Finest

Yep, feet up on my messy desk, playing Words with Friends when I should be doing something else… like figuring out the menu for the week and getting the grocery list written.
I was still ahead here, but in the end lost the game by nine points!!! That’s OK, I won the next one by 5 points.  😉