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2014/149: And The Winner Is…

A few days ago I had a little note card giveaway on this blog, and out of the 30-something people who qualified, only six entered. I was hoping for a few more, but I’m sure those six were happy about their chances of winning 😉

I had my daughter Sara help me pick the winner, which she was more than happy to do. She even provided her sun hat to put the names in, and I thought I’d take a little video of the drawing. I apologize for the sudden ending…seems that I’ve trimmed a couple of frames too many off the video (oops!)…. but I think you can still see the name of he winner if you don’t blink at the very end 😉

But before we get to the video, here is an image of one of the note cards included in the set.


CONGRATULATIONS!! Your set of note cards will be on their way to you by the end of the week! 🙂
** I’ve added a still shot of the video in the comments, where you can see the name of the winner more clearly.


You have my whole heart. You always did.
~ Cormac McCarthy, The Road



The longest journey you’ll ever take is the 18 inches from your head to your heart
 ~ anonymous


2014/031: Palm Leaf


Hearts In Nature

I love finding heart shaped things in nature ♥

2013-068 a

2013-068 b


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2010/238: Beware

2010/231: Leaf

2010/219: Canna Leaf

2010/086: Redbud

These pictures are from last year, but they’re in full bloom now… and it won’t be long until we see leaves.

2010/061: Back To Snow

Never said it would be a long break from snow pictures, but fortunately for you sadly I only have a few left to post.


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Autumn is a second spring
when every leaf’s a flower.
~ Albert Camus